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8 brilliant productivity apps for moms

by Tanya Kovarsky, Rattle & Mum
Baby Yum Yum - 8 brilliant productivity apps for moms
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Whether it’s managing your family’s busy schedule, keeping a record of your kids’ art, or remembering all your to-dos, we’ve got you covered with outstanding apps to make your life easier.

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For managing the family’s calendar: Picniic

picniic-app-logoPicniic is a superb family organiser app with a great interface, and which manages a family calendar, and shopping and to-do lists. There are also features such as family locator (with the paid version), and grocery lists. You can keep track of everyone’s schedule in one place, set reminders for yourself and others in the family, plus you can manage your kids’ internet connection and set schedules for things like homework time and bedtime.

There’s also a feature called “news”, where you can share messages and media content such as videos and pictures.

Free, with premium options at a cost, and available on iOS and Android.

For getting into good habits: Productive

productive-app-logo-productivity-app-for-momsWant to drink more water, meditate at least once a week, or remember to take your medicine each day? Welcome to Productive, which track your habits and helps you build a routine of good ones. Simply add a new habit to the app and assign the habit a time of day, week or month, and you’ll get a reminder. It’s a great way of motivating yourself and making good changes, and as the time-strapped mom you probably are, it’s a fantastic way to remember yourself and your well-being.

This app is free, with premium options available at a cost. Available on iOS and Android.

For never forgetting a thing: Remember the Milk

remember-the-milk-app-logo-productivity-app-for-momsAre all your to-dos on Post-It notes, in your head, or a notebook that you don’t always have with you? Then download Remember the Milk, an app that reminds you of what you need to do. You can prioritise your tasks and give them due dates, repeats and tags, and the app will remind you via email, text, Twitter or mobile notifications. The app also integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Twitter and more. You can share tasks for viewing or for editing, and you can also assign tasks to other people.

This app is free, with premium options available at a cost. Available on iOS and Android.

For mobile scanning and signing: Camscanner

camscanner-app-logo-productivity-app-for-momsHave you ever been asked to print out a document, sign it, scan it, and send it back? This can be quite a hassle when you’ve got so many other things on the go, which is why Camscanner is such a welcome app. You can use it to scan receipts, notes, invoices and to-do lists, save what you want as a PDF or Jpeg, and then email, print or save to the cloud. You can also sign documents, and email them. It’s easy to use, the quality is great, and it might be worth getting ahead of the admin and scanning all your and your kids’ important documents like birth certificates and IDs with the app, and saving them to the cloud for easy access.

This app is free, with premium options available at a cost. Available on iOS and Android.

“Take a load off and cope better with household duties, chores, homework and grocery shopping by downloading these great organisational apps.”

For saving artwork: Keepy

keepy-app-logo-productivity-app-for-momsNo one expects you to keep all the arts and crafts your kids make, but how do you keep a record of it without having to allocate it a whole room? Download Keepy, an app that not only acts as a digital repository for your kids’ art, but can also be used to store birthday cards, reports, notes and any other keepsakes. You can also take your photos and videos and save them in “memory timelines”. You can add voice, video or text messages on your memories, and you can invite grandparents or others to be your kids’ “fans” so that they can see everything you create or save.

Free on iOS and Android.

For lunchbox inspiration: LaLa Lunchbox

lala-lunchbox-app-logo-productivity-app-for-momsIf you lack the inspiration to create school lunches or snacks that your kids love, then let LaLa Lunchbox help you with meals that won’t get dismissed. The app helps you plan meals, along with your kids. They can set up virtual lunchboxes and choose meals for the coming week by feeding a hungry monster from a “food library” of healthy options. The app teaches kids about healthier lunches, and there are options that cover many dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, kosher and nut free.

Free, with in-app purchases, on iOS only.

For meal ideas and planning: Mealime

mealime-app-logo-productivity-app-for-momsMealime will help you find recipes, and draw up ingredients lists, but it also cleverly lets you create profiles for people you’re cooking for, so you can keep track of their allergies, likes, dislikes and other dietary requirements. You can find recipes for a couple or for a family, and once you’ve chosen one, the required ingredients will be added to a grocery list. Most of the recipes are healthy, and take 30 minutes or less to prepare.

Free, with in-app purchases, on iOS and Android.

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