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10 amazing parent-approved hacks that will make your life easier

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Baby Yum Yum - 10 amazing parent-approved hacks that will make your life easier
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Being a parent means having to be prepared for anything. These clever parent-approved hacks are guaranteed to make your everyday life a little easier.

Smart bedwetting strategy

Forget stripping and remaking your toddler’s bed in the middle of the night after a bedwetting accident – there IS an easier way. Layer a fitted sheet over a waterproof mattress protector and then put on another mattress protector and sheet. That way midnight messes only involve pulling off one layer of bedsheets, and you won’t need to fuss with putting on new bedding because the underneath layer is completely dry. You’re welcome!

Noise relief

The sound of kids having fun is magical and we could listen to it for hours but… the sound of their toy train trumpeting it’s tune for the umpteenth time is somewhat less magical. For an easy ear-saving strategy, place a piece of sticky tape over the toy’s speaker to lower the volume instantly.

Keep socks safe

No, you’re not imagining it: your washing machine really is eating your socks (disclaimer: it will never eat a pair, only single socks are ingested). Instead of just tossing those single socks back in the drawer hoping you’ll find their partner one day, make use of this clever parenting hack instead: use a mesh garment bag to wash all your family’s socks together. Not only will it stop socks from going stray, it’ll be easier to sort them as they’ll all be in one place.

Clean up

If your kids are reluctant to tidy up (and honestly, whose aren’t) try turning it into a competition between siblings. Each child gets a washing basket to fill, then use an egg timer and give them two minutes to pick up as much as they can – whoever has the most toys in their basket by the end of the game, wins. Genius!

Dressing made easy

If your little one is struggling to tell his left shoe from his right, save him (and yourself!) the trouble by cutting a sticker in half and placing one half in each shoe. This works best if it’s a sticker of something like an animal that clearly has a left and right side. He’ll be able to tell at a glance which shoe should go on the left and right. Problem solved and time saved!

Panado 5ml sachet

Monster protection

If monsters in the cupboard or under the bed are keeping your little one (and, in turn, you) up at night, don’t worry we’ve found the perfect solution: take an empty spray bottle, strip off the label and decorate it to look like ‘monster spray’. A squirt or two in dark corners before bedtime should be enough to ensure everyone gets a decent night’s sleep.



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Try a gown

One thing nobody has time for in the morning is getting dressed For The Second Time. If your mornings involve feeding little ones – and the inevitable spills and smears – then throw a dressing gown on over your clothes (or instead of your clothes and get changed minutes before you head out the door) to save yourself having to change if there’s an accident.

Pack smart

Whether you’re traveling or just heading out for the day, pack each of baby’s outfits in a ziplock bag. That means a vest, onesie, hat – whatever you’ll need, along with a nappy – so you aren’t scrambling around looking for individual items in your suitcase or nappy bag. The added bonus of this hack is that if there’s a nappy blowout, you have a waterproof baggie to keep stained clothes in until you get home so you avoid getting any smears and stains in your bag.

Emergency supplies

Because you never know when you might end up stranded or stuck in a queue for hours, make a habit of keeping a bag of ’emergency supplies’ in the boot of your car. Think snacks, a colouring or activity book, a puzzle, something to read or a game – these boredom busters might just help you can get through a tricky situation with your sanity intact!

Smart sachets

If there’s anything being a parent has taught us, it’s to be prepared for everything – and that includes unexpected illness, pain or fever. That’s why we love that our favourite Panado® Paediatric Syrup now comes in a conveniently single-use 5ml sachets that you can easily carry in your handbag or nappy bag, so you always have what you need on hand, even if you’re not at home. Now, that nifty invention gets the BYY stamp of approval!

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