The BEST chocolate dessert recipes EVER

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Baby Yum Yum - the best chocolate dessert recipe collection
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Baby Yum Yum has put together a list of the very best dessert recipes using everyone’s favourite ingredient: chocolate. Aside from being delicious, chocolate also has the ability to improve your mood – and that’s not just because it’s tasty comfort food. Eating chocolate actually produces endorphins, which encourages feelings of wellbeing.

According to experts, the real health benefits lie in choosing chocolate that’s 70% cocoa or higher but if you’re asking us (disclaimer: we’re NOT experts but we have eaten enough chocolate to make a very good educated guess), chocolate is chocolate and anything goes!

Here are the very best chocolate dessert recipes – and the only ones you’ll ever need!

Chocolate honeycomb ice-cream sandwiches

This dessert is the perfect combo of biscuit and ice cream – we dare you to stop at just one!

Chocolate honeycomb ice-cream sandwiches recipe

Chocolate caramel Oreo slice recipe

Sticky, gooey and crunchy, this mouth-watering chocolate caramel dessert ticks ALL the right boxes.

Chocolate caramel Oreo slice for a baking recipe

Chocolate peanut butter slab cake recipe

The name says it all: it’s filled with chocolate and peanut butter, and that’s enough to convince us to try it! But if you need another reason, it’s for the peanut butter ganache.

choc peanut butter cake recipe

Easiest ever Nutella truffles recipe 

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We’ve found the easiest ever truffle recipe so you can get your chocolate fix! It’s a speedy truffle recipe that’s delicious and foolproof – win-win!

Easy chocolate Nutella truffle recipe

Sweet & salty caramel brownie recipe

Do you love the sweet/salty flavour combo? The unexpected pairing of rich chocolate and salty chips in this brownie recipe is surprisingly more-ish…

Sweet & Salty Caramel Brownie Recipe

Caramel Peppermint Crisp ice lolly recipe

This tasty recipe from The Kate Tin combines caramel, Peppermint Crisp and chocolate – it’s a foolproof crowd-pleasing ice-cream dessert and it’s SO easy to make.

Caramel Peppermint Crisp Ice Cream Lollies recipe

Giant hazelnut & chocolate biscuit cake recipe

Chocolate ganache, coffee cream and crunchy biscuit come together to make this incredible chocolate biscuit masterpiece. Is it a biscuit or is it a cake? Who cares? It’s delicious!

giant hazelnut and chocolate biscuit cake recipe with chocolate ganache being poured on top

Chocolate malt biscuits

If you love malt, what could be better than malted chocolate biscuits (with a chocolate drizzle) that melt in your mouth? Answer: nothing!

quick and easy chocolate malt biscuit recipe

Nutella banana bread loaf

This chocolatey twist on an a classic banana bread recipe really takes things up a notch. This loaf is delicious on its own or served with butter, syrup or (more!) Nutella.

Best, best, best Nutella chocolate banana bread loaf!

Top Deck-stuffed cake bites recipe

Do you prefer milk or white chocolate? Why not have both? Then enrobe it in cake mixture and bake until the chocolate oozes out the middle – perfection!

Top Deck-stuffed cake bites recipe

Quick & easy chocolate coconut fudge recipe

This chocolate coconut fudge recipe is a decadent delight that will have coconut lovers swooning – the top layer is creamy white coconut and the bottom is a yummy milk chocolate layer. Delish!


Chocolate mayonnaise cake

Oh, you didn’t know you could bake a chocolate cake using mayonnaise? Well, you can – and it’s delicious! So put your doubts aside and give it a go.

nola mayonnaise chocolate cake

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