knows what parents want –  they deliver through a series of innovative virtual Wellness Workshops!

by BabyYumYum knows want parents want deliver with virtual wellness workshops
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What do parents really want? It’s a question that has been asked for years. And – the fastest-growing free parenting portal in South Africa – knows the answer: parents want a trustworthy source of information to help them feel empowered on their parenting journey. And’s new series of one-day virtual Wellness Workshops deliver exactly that.

In October, partnered with acclaimed paediatric nutritionist and founder of Nutripaeds, Kath Megaw, to host the first in the wellness workshop series, which focused on helping parents tackle problems around their children’s fussy or picky eating.

Over the course of a day, 14 expert and specialist speakers took to the virtual stage to share life-changing professional and practical advice. The list of speakers included:

Kath Megaw RD(SA), Clinical Dietitian and Founder of Nutripaeds.

Sammy Hammond, SLT and SOS Feeding Therapist.

Cordialis Msora-Kasago, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Kim Hoffman, Registered Dietician.

Mbali Mapholi, Registered Dietitians.

Dr Aadil Ahmed Khan, Medical Doctor and Clicks Wellness Expert.

Dr Jenny Rose, Clinical Psychologist and Parent-child Expert.

Lulu Becker, Pelvic Health Physio.

Dr Thulja Trikamjee, Paediatrician and Certified Allergist.

Sarah Oberholzer, Speech-language & Hearing Therapist.

Meg Faure, Occupational Therapist & Founder of Play Sense.

Nicole Hoenselaar, Parenting Expert and The Toddler Guru.

Tracey Venter, Occupational Therapist at The Children’s Therapy Centre.

Sr. Ann Richardson, Author and ‍qualified Nurse Practitioner and Midwife.

The workshop took a holistic approach to the topic, not simply focusing on a child’s picky behaviour, but also went into depth on the psychological aspects behind picky eating, the common causes, how a parent’s relationship with food shapes their child’s experience, allergies and much more – and, crucially, the workshop offered practical problem-solving solutions that parents could implement in their own families.

Growing a community

Despite technical difficulties and inconvenient loadshedding schedules that parents faced on the day , the workshop was an undeniable success and did far more than just educate and empower parents – through the online chat function, the workshop gave parents a chance to share their personal experiences with picky eating and ask for advice and support from like-minded caregivers who truly understand what they’re going through. The workshop also had various brand partners on board who were also able to contribute positively to the picky eating struggle; the main workshop partner being PediaSure.

The price for online access to this plethora of experts and post-event videos was substantially less than you’d pay for a consultation with any of the workshop’s expert speakers and will always offer this valuable opportunity to parents. isn’t done helping parents yet – watch out for details on the next Wellness Workshop in the series, focusing on baby, toddler and child sleep, scheduled for February 2023.

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