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Becoming a mother at the age of 40

by BabyYumYum
Baby Yum Yum - Becoming a mother & having a baby at the age of 40
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Being a mother over the age of 40 has its pros and cons. You’re emotional because you’re so excited and overwhelmed by joy as your life is about to change again (in this case, this is my second child). 

Even though you’re 40, you’re settled and have developed a sense of stability in your relationship with your partner. You are mature enough to confront any challenges that you may encounter.

At that age, you know you’re having this baby for all the right reasons and not to please or manipulate your partner or in-laws or compete with colleagues or friends. 

This precious soul is your ultimate treasure and bundle of joy. You’re ready to care and provide for the baby a warm and loving environment. By this stage in life, you have a sense of achievement that provides psychological and emotional stability. 

You and your partner are so in tune with each other that you provide equal care for the baby and easily define your roles and responsibilities without unnecessary conflicts. 

You’re able to plan well in advance for the baby and agree on how you want this baby to be raised. Our babies are not usually a mistake or unwanted. You’ve basically taken another leap of faith in being a mother, especially at that age.

The negative side of having a baby over the age of 40 can be pregnancy complications because of age, pelvic pain, premature babies and Down syndrome. During my pregnancy, I suffered from severe pelvic pain and when I went to see the gynaecologist, he did a urine test to check for any possible infections – the test came out clean. 

A moment of relief! To help with the pain, the doctor gave me antibiotics and painkillers but the pain only subsided for a few days.

“You’ve basically taken another leap of faith in being a mother, especially at that age.”

At this moment I was a bit scared and nervous, so the doctor decided to do an emergency C-section fearing the pain could be caused by an older Caesar scar rupture. 

My baby came out healthy and strong, weighing 2.5kg at eight months. I healed quickly without infections (faster than many younger women) and proudly breastfed my son. 

Today my beloved baby is nine months and he is the best thing that has happened to me!


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