Breastfeeding wellness workshop

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Breastfeeding workshop
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Many women become a parent for the first time and feel that they know next to nothing about breastfeeding! Perhaps some women even feel that breastfeeding should just happen naturally on its own and if it doesn’t then something must be wrong with them… this is simply not true—all moms need some help at one time or another on their feeding journey. And when it comes to breastfeeding, has got all the support you need. will be holding another popular Wellness Workshop on 22 July 2023. This time new and seasoned moms can learn everything they need to know all about breastfeeding including advice and professional guidance, either online or at an “in person” event complete with a breastfeeding area and delicious snacks.

“Women need not feel alone in their breastfeeding experience and with any difficulties and that is why we do these workshops,” explains Priscilla Macoba, Brand Activation Specialist at, South Africa’s #1 parenting portal.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn everything essential about breastfeeding from medical experts and mothers who have gone through similar breastfeeding challenges.

Plus, the workshop will offer compassionate encouragement and excellent support — no new mom should feel isolated when learning how to breastfeed her child. Some of the topics covered in the workshop will include: the benefits of breastfeeding; producing healthy milk and how diet makes a difference (presented by Dr Kath Megaw from Nutripaeds), what to do when it doesn’t go according to plan—and the societal pressures surrounding breastfeeding, techniques for latching properly; avoiding common breastfeeding mistakes, , controlling milk production, breastfeeding and allergies, when to start weaning your child, breastfeeding rights in the workplace and other practical solutions.

“The workshop is a great chance to establish a supportive network for your breastfeeding and parenting journey in a non- judgemental environment– it will add valuable and brilliant insight for any mother,” says Priscilla.

It’s easy to get the knowledge and support you need. Simply buy a ticket on Quicket and login on the day or come and meet us in person. See you there!

Where: Online and Live in Jhb
When:  Saturday, July 22nd
Time: 9am-1pm
Tickets: Quicket
Price: live attendance R250 incl snacks and goodie bag at an upmarket venue in the burbs of Jozi
R80: Virtual
Tickets available now on Quicket

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