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CBD and breastfeeding: Is it safe?

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As a new mom, you have a lot going on at once. Nappies, food, medications and ointments, clothes and baby equipment are only some of the worries. Breastfeeding your newborn is on the daily list of activities, and later just comes without conscious thought.

However, all these stresses might leave you anxious, depressed or just struggling to cope. While cannabis and CBD have come into the market strongly these last few years, there is still so much we don’t know. 

Not a lot of studies has been done to conclusively make an informed decision. However, there are still a lot of experts in the field, constantly exploring new paths and ventures. Today we are here to break things down into more manageable bites (as a mom, you should be getting familiar with this very soon!).

Can You Use Cbd Oil While Breastfeeding?

As with all CBD products, knowing your source makes a world’s difference. By making sure you use pure CBD oil, you are not only getting what you paid for but also actually enjoying the benefits of CBD. CBD oil and pregnancy should have no issues, thus your breastfeeding should not be a problem either.

Using CBD while breastfeeding should not have negative effects on your baby. There are so many ailments and qualms that CBD can help relieve or even eliminate. In its oil form, it is easy to absorb and enters your system quickly, providing its benefits in short order. While your baby might not be able to thank you, your body sure will.Can You Use Cbd Oil While Breastfeeding Baby Yum Yum

CBD in breast milk: Is it safe?

When taking normal cannabis into account, THC (the potentially harmful part that also causes a high) can stay in your breastmilk for up to 6 days. CBD, on the other hand, does not contain THC, cannot cause a high and has little to no detrimental effects. 

Your baby and their health is the most important thing, it is your entire world, at this point. Being overly cautious becomes second nature to a mother, especially when unknowns come into place. However, CBD itself has mostly been proven to be harmless. There are even medications for children that contain or are based around CBD.

Based on these assumptions, it should then also be safe to say that CBD in your breast milk will have no ill effect on the little pink foot. Breast milk itself contains many nutritional factors that are essential for your baby. Not all mothers are able to breastfeed, some can only pump and bottle feed. Regardless, this helpful substance should not be causing any worries in moms.

CBD and pregnancy: Can you use CBD while pregnant?

A lot of things are normally recommended to be avoided while pregnant. Anything from coffee (a stimulant) to certain cheese, raw eggs or even cold meats and sushi. Pregnant women have a bit of a unique vulnerability, and therefore should not be taking any chances.

It is mainly for these reasons that, although CBD is harmless under normal circumstances, it might be better to avoid abundantly using it while pregnant. To clarify, a bit of oil here, some cream there should still be fine. Rather, it shouldn’t be used relentlessly or multiple times a day.

However, there are still certain times when it can still be of use (for anxiety, sleeplessness etc.) But if you are used to constantly using it every single day, it might just be a better idea to scale back and see how you are affected by CBD during pregnancy before increasing usage. As always, consulting your doctor before changing medication is always recommended.

Can you smoke CBD while pregnant?

Now, normally a doctor would recommend staying away from any and all forms of smoking when pregnant or breastfeeding. It is for the simple reason that, while the substance itself might be harmless or even beneficial, smoking can cause issues.

We would rather recommend CBD oil while pregnant, as it is an easy and effortless way to introduce it into your system. Especially when carrying a bundle of joy with you, you should carefully select what to include in your diet. 

Is CBD cream safe to use during pregnancy?

Your CBD pregnancy will most likely be less stressful in general, since anxiety and depression are already more under control. Should the need arise to treat your body in a more topical fashion, CBD cream might be on your radar.

As a more direct way to apply CBD to an affected area, CBD cream should be safe to use during pregnancy. Whether this is for pain relief, release tension or even just to moisturize, CBD cream can help you where other products may fail. 

Can you use hemp seeds during pregnancy?

To put it simply: Heck yes! There are many superfoods that will do wonders for a pregnant and fabulous body. Hemp seeds are a knockout when it comes to nutritional value. Not only do they provide some core nutrients like Fiber, Calcium, Zinc, and Amino acids, but especially so for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, you may often find yourself with certain mineral deficiencies. Consuming even a single serving of hemp seeds daily is almost like taking a multivitamin. It can really boost your immune system and help keep you and your baby strong and healthy. 

So, do babies and CBD mix?

This is a question many moms, pregnant or planning, might be asking themselves. Truthfully, there is only one accurate answer to ‘is CBD and breastfeeding ok?’ Maybe. Since there are still studies being done on a daily basis, it is still very much an unknown topic.

Not enough clinical research has been done to 100% verify the effects it might have on babies, or even on pregnancies. But that is ok! There are a lot of expert opinions on the subject, case studies being done, research being recorded. 

While parents and expecting parents might be anxious about many things, CBD should not be one of those. As long as you proceed forward with caution, keeping your mind open to potential opportunities or information, everything should be fine. 

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