Body positivity: leaky boobs, stretchmarks & more – celebrities who keep it real

by BabyYumYum
baby yum yum - Body positivity: leaky boobs, stretchmarks & more – celebrities who keep it real
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In a world where body shaming and mom shaming are commonplace, we love finding out that (some) celebrities really are just like us. We applaud these inspiring women for keeping it real and making women everywhere feel like they’re not alone.

Amy Schumer

Never one to shy away from showing the truth – the whole truth – Amy proudly posted this snap of her walking baby Gene in his pram while dressed in just her underwear and trainers (and yes, those really are disposable post-birth panties she’s wearing!).


The songstress is famously confident in her body (as she should be) and, as if we needed proof, she posted these pics of herself on holiday – with her stretch marks clearly on display in the last snap. Us too, Rihanna, us too.

Jameela Jamil

The outspoken actress keep it simple (and honest) when she said ‘boob stretch marks are normal’. Yes Jameela, they really are! After posting another photo of herself on Instagram, she questioned why we never see armpit wrinkles in photos in magazines and on social media. The answer, of course, is: photoshop. Thanks Jameela for showing us your unedited pics.

Jessica Simpson

The singer and actress at 78 weeks gestation (well…thereabouts) is all of us in the last few weeks of pregnancy when the ‘glow’ has worn off and we’re desperate to enter the fourth trimester. These are the brutally honest photos that pregnant women need to see.

Amber Tamblyn

The actress was all of us when she showed off her leaky boobs after she welcomed her daughter Marlow – she even used #StarsTheyreJustLikeUs!

Ashley Graham

The supermodel shared this pic that showed off the stretch marks on her tummy, saying  she was ‘feeling great for [her] first summer as a mommy’. We think you look amazing Ashley – thanks for keeping it real.

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