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Welcome to BabyYumYum.co.za,

the place for parents who want nothing less than the best for their children.

Join our community of supportive parents and experts; receive news, tips and advice from our panel of medical professionals, as well as from one another; connect with other likeminded parents; learn about health and nutrition topics that can influence your child’s development in a positive way – from pregnancy and birth through breastfeeding to older age – we are here to help you make the most of every stage of your parenting journey!

  • Address:  Dunkeld Office Park, 6 North Road, Dunkeld West, 2196
  • Phone:  011 039 8950
  • WhatsApp: 066 316 1305
  • Email: info@babyyumyum.co.za
  • Editorial: editor@babyyumyum.co.za
  • Advertising: sales@babyyumyum.co.za
  • My Momentum BabyYumYum maternity programme:
    momentum@babyyumyum.co.za | 0878970359
  • My Profmed BabyYumYum maternity programme:
    profmed@babyyumyum.co.za | 0870929605