Easy cake decorating ideas for kids birthday parties

by BabyYumYum
Baby Yum Yum - easy birthday cake decorating ideas for kids parties
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If it’s your child’s birthday party, you’ll want to wow them (and your guests) with an impressive-looking cake. But what if you’re a beginner baker? Well, we’ve put together some easy cake decorating ideas that you can use as inspiration for your kid’s next birthday cake.

Simple dinosaur cake 

Sweet and simple Smarties cake 

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‘Ice-cream’ cake decorating idea

Insect or bug cake

Pokemon cake decorating idea

Death by chocolate cake 

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Easy bunny cake decorating idea

Sweet-topped cake decorating idea

Construction site and vehicle cake 

Peppa Pig sticker cake 

Biscuit fence cake decorating idea

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Colourful confetti cake decorating idea

Easy kite cake decorating idea

Ghost cupcake decorating idea

Letter cake

Easy Minion cake decorating idea

Semicircle rainbow cake

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Easy cupcake worm decorating idea

Just add Miffy cake toppers

Easiest-ever Mickey Mouse cake

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