Enter the SA Parenting Blog Awards 2023

by BabyYumYum
Enter the SA Parenting Blog Awards 2023
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BabyYumYum, South Africa’s #1 parenting portal for everything parenting, is once again thrilled to be the media partner to the SA Parenting Blog Awards. Parenting blogs are among the fastest-growing sectors of niche content online. The SA Parenting Blog Awards was started in 2014 to provide a platform where mommy bloggers could connect, share ideas and experiences.

Whether purely for entertainment, educational purposes or to find solace in shared experiences, it makes for the perfect fit with BabyYumYum.co.za, the premier resource for free expert advice, guidance, and invaluable information. The awards uncovers and discovers  all the parenting blogging talent that SA has to offer.

So, do you write a brilliant blog that has been published between 2022 and 2023? If so, hurry up and enter the SA Parenting Blogs Awards. You could win some amazing prizes, as well as garner massive exposure for your blog.

The various categories:  

  1. Best Blog Post – Fashion and Beauty sponsored by Lily Rose Collection
  2. Best Blog Post – Crafts and Things to do with kids sponsored by JV Squared
  3. Best Blog Post – Food
  4. Best Blog Post – Health and wellness
  5. Best Blog Post – Inspirational and heartfelt
  6. Best Blog Post – Humour sponsored by Just Family Things
  7. Best use of social media (text and/ or image)
  8. Best use of social media: (video / reels)
  9. Best Blog Post – Parenting
  10. Best Blog Post – Travel and photography
  11. Best Blog Post – Financial advice

The judges include podcaster and momfluencer Aisha ‘O Reilly and esteemed Managing Editor of BYY, Nikki Temkin. Read more about the judges here: https://samomblogs.co.za/judges

Prizes include:

This is your chance to make sure that your blog gets the readership it deserves!

Entries are open from Sept 4th so click here to cast your vote:  https://samomblogs.co.za/awards

About BabyYumYum.co.za:

BabyYumYum.co.za is the fastest-growing parenting portal in South Africa and has become the preferred interactive sharing and networking community of parents hungry for credible information, both factual and product-related, trustworthy expert advice and useful resources to assist them with their lifestyle choices and purchasing decisions.

We aim to understand our unique audience in order to form meaningful connections between brands and people that will enhance brand loyalty and interaction. Apart from the editorial media division we also have the following divisions all with the core focus of content, community, and collaboration:

  • BabyYumYum Health focuses on the creation and administration of award-winning maternity benefits and employee benefits.
  • BabyYumYum Tech focuses on the creation of health and life-based applications which extend to consumer facing health service interactions.
  • BabyYumYum Content focuses on the curation and production of expert led content offering assurance and engagement to readers.
  • BabyYumYum Events focuses on the creation of education led parenting and healthcare led workshops and masterclasses.

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