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Entrepreneurial mom saves other parents money by launching second-hand baby goods website

by BabyYumYum
Baby Yum Yum - Entrepreneurial mom saves other parents money by launching second-hand baby goods website
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Mom-of-three Lexi Giokos had a lightbulb moment that spurred her to start a business selling premium pre-loved baby items in a safe, convenient way.

Lexi Giokos

What sparked the idea for your business? 

I struggled for a few years to have my son and after one round of IVF, I was fortunate enough to be blessed with my first born. My whole world changed, I spent every cent I earned on baby goods (oh how I wish PR3LOVED was around then) I fell for every “special” at parenting expos and I thought every baby item was necessary. I used to excuse my baby shopping with, “it’s ok I’m not going to have any more kids” because I didn’t think it would be possible. But, just six months after my son was born I fell pregnant with twin boys.

Because I’d poured all my finances into buying the best for my first baby just six months earlier, I started looking around for a second-hand twin pram. I dragged my mum around with me to people’s homes, met people at petrol stations and other random venues (to try ensure as much of a safe environment as possible) and I was just not satisfied with the condition of the items vs the exorbitant prices people wanted for their goods. I thought there must be another way and that was the moment I decided I would create a safe shopping environment with good prices for both seller and buyer and change the stigma of second hand goods and so it began.

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How is your business different to other online selling websites?

We provide a safe environment for both seller and buyer – there’s no hassle for the seller because items are collected directly from them and they are paid by us. We provide safety for the buyer too because with other websites where you are paid in cash, there’s a chance of being robbed or being lured into an unsafe transaction.

We also guarantee the condition of our preloved goods and offer a full refund within 24 hours if the buyer is unhappy.

I wish PR3LOVED was around when I had my children because I wouldn’t have bought anything brand new. You use these items for such a short amount of time and you can easily find second-hand ones that are ‘like new’. And often you can buy better quality second hand items because they come with a lower price tag than brand new inferior quality brands.

What are some of the items that moms buy that you think are unnecessary? 

Expensive, heavy travel systems and lots of small items as well. All babies are different, some like rockers, some won’t go in a rocker, we often get swayed by salespeople in shops to buy things we may not need so I always tell my new moms, less is more and only buy what you really need, and when you done, we sell it for you so you can buy the other items you need for the new stage your baby is in.

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What are your best sellers?

The most popular items we sell are prams and car seats, and we sell between 20 and 30 Buzy Stepz a month. Rockers, trikes and jumperoos are also among our best sellers and a lot of moms sell baby goods they’ve bought overseas and those are usually snapped up in minutes.

What items do you think new moms really need?

My top 5 items would be the following:

  • Baby Bjorn carrier
  • Baby Zen Yoyo pram
  • Stokke Sleepi
  • Stokke Tripp Trapp
  • Mamaroo rocker

Although these items do come with a high ticket price, second hand is far more affordable, and I always tell my mamas if you don’t waste on a lot of unnecessary items, these items won’t break the bank.

I have also put together a full guide, which I call the “Baby Bible”, on how to prepare for the new baby, it’s an quick and easy read and tick sheet to help new moms not to make the same purchasing mistakes I did, and this can be purchase on our online store here.

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