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Fashion tips for new moms

by Lauren Matthews
Baby Yum Yum - Fashion tips for new moms
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If you’re a new mom and feel self-conscious in your clothes, we have a sound wardrobe strategy to see you through this phase with style and ease.

Your body after childbirth is in a state of transition can be tricky to dress. You’re hardly at your pre-baby shape and size and you may well think that your once beautiful baby bump may look a little deflated.

“For now” jeans

Ditch the pressure of fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans right away and give yourself some time for your body to return to its usual shape. You can either stick to your maternity jeans for the time being or purchase a pair of inexpensive jeans in a slightly larger size. Alternatively, you may also opt for stretch denim or jeggings.

The drape

Wear tops and dresses that drape over and away from your tummy, rather than form-fitting ones. Ruching or gathering can hide a multitude of perceived flaws. Ensure that the fabric cascades over your body. T-shirt and empire-waist dresses, and tunics and tops with ruching are all great options. Long cardigans in the colder months are stylish figure-hiders.

Black is back

It’s a well-known fact that black is slimming. Take advantage of this age-old fashion tip during these months and add accessories to uplift your all black ensemble.


Use accessories to add a touch of elegance and to make your outfit appear more “put together”. Select longer necklaces — either beaded or chains with pendants — that end at your cleavage or lower. These can create an illusion of elongation, making you look slimmer. Draw attention away from your body to your face by wearing dangly earrings, instead of studs. Big belts are your friends and can automatically help give your waist some definition. Pair one with your tunic sweater or with a crisp, white button-down shirt over your “for now” jeans or trousers. Make use of scarves in the colder months. Choose longer styles that end at the top of your thighs to hide your midsection.
Baby Yum Yum - Fashion tips for new moms


If you have a big event coming up or need a little help feeling confident about your body, don’t shy away from shapewear such as Spanx. These undergarments can hold in your stomach and hips and make you look smoother — and maybe even smaller!

Pay a visit to your tailor

Once you’ve passed (and survived) the in-between stage, you needn’t get rid of some of your favourite maternity and post-partum clothes. Take them to a tailor to have them altered to fit you properly. During pregnancy, your rib cage expands and your breasts become larger. A tailor can take in clothing under the armpit on both sides, as long as there are seams there. Anything will look better on you if it fits you well.

These months don’t need to become a fashion disaster. With a solid strategy and a positive mindset, you can get through this stage looking beautiful as ever.

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