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Finding your festive while pregnant

by Xoli Makabane, midwife
Baby Yum Yum - Finding your festive while pregnant
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Happiness is a choice, so you can be jolly at Christmas if you want to – you are pregnant, not sick. Let’s make this festive season one to remember and dread and spoil it for all who are around you. For starters, kick off those heels and get the most comfortable shoes to get you through the heat and swollen feet.

Your body is your barometer as to how far you can take it when it comes to festivities around this season, but there are some tips we can give you to help you make the most of this time of year.

  • Stay well hydrated and keep away from the sun (even if you go away and you want to tan). Tanning is overrated, dangerous and it’s definitely not worth the heatstroke.
  • Make healthy food choices, as there is a lot of indulgence over the festive season.
  • Try to stay away from alcoholic beverages and have non-alcoholic options like non-alcoholic sparkling wine of sparkling grape juices when everyone is having a glass of wine.
  • If you travelling, be sure to get a letter from your medical health practitioner in case you need any medical attention in a strange place.
  • Most health practitioners also tend to go away around this time of year. Don’t feel trapped into changing your birth plan to suit their schedule. Rather find out who will cover their practice over that time in the event that you need medical assistance (of course, this is where no medical concerns have previously been cited).
  • Happy partners contribute immensely towards a good outcome of pregnancy, so encourage the father to be very considerate at all times if possible – and hands-on if your baby has already arrived.

If your baby is already out by the time you’re all gathering around the tree, try to minimise overstimulation of your newborn. People may have more time to visit and may genuinely believe they will make your life easier by bringing the party to you, so don’t be afraid to set your boundaries.

“Your body is your barometer as to how far you can take it when it comes to festivities around this season.”

Your baby won’t have developed a good immune system yet so you are well within your mommy rights to choose who may visit, and when, and who may handle your baby.

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