How to grow kids’ imagination without limits

by BabyYumYum
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Encouraging imagination in young children can be a fun and rewarding experience for both parents and children. By providing them with opportunities for creative play and exploration, you can help them develop essential cognitive and social development skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Here are some creative tips from the team at top-selling, global children’s footwear range, Bubblegummers, which is now back in SA and promising to fuel the imagination of little ones once again.
  • Play Dress-Up: Provide your child with a box of costumes and accessories and let them dress up as their favourite characters. This will not only allow them to use their imagination, but also to develop their social skills as they pretend to be different people and interact with others. BG IG 7 - BabyYumYum
  • Provide Open-Ended Toys: Toys that can be used in multiple ways, such as blocks, dolls, and playdough, allow children to use their creativity to come up with different scenarios and ideas. Avoid toys that have a specific purpose or can only be used in one way.
  • Read Books: Reading books with your child can spark their imagination and allow them to visualise different scenarios and characters in their minds. Encourage them to ask questions and use their imagination to come up with their own stories and ideas.
  • Create an Imaginary World: Help your child create an imaginary world with their toys or drawings. Ask them questions about their world, such as what the characters are like, where they live, and what adventures they go on.
  • Encourage Outdoor Play: Outdoor play allows children to explore their surroundings and use their imagination to create games and scenarios. Provide them with simple props, such as sticks, leaves, and rocks, to encourage their creativity.
  • Allow for Unstructured Play: Children need unstructured playtime to develop their imagination and creativity. Avoid over-scheduling their day and allow them to play freely without adult direction.
  • Play Silly Games: Play games with your child that involve using their imagination, such as “I Spy” or “What If.” These games allow them to use their creativity and come up with different scenarios and ideas.
  • Provide Art Supplies: Art supplies such as paper, crayons, and paint allow children to express their creativity and imagination through different forms of art. Encourage them to create whatever they want and avoid criticising or correcting their work.

Once their imaginations are running wild, they’ll need some cool and comfy shoes to lead the way! Get them adventure ready with the new Bubblegummers range now available at Edgars (selected stores nationwide, and online) as well as Superbalist.

Bubblegummers believes that children should be able to embrace their creativity, and create their own magical, whimsical, crazy, cool stories and adventures.

Each pair of Bubblegummers is made with non-slip soles and breathable materials, ensuring kids are comfortable and secure while they zoom around and have a blast. Elasticated laces and adjustable Velcro straps make them a breeze to slip on and off with ease. And the best part? There’s a signature bubblegum scent infused into every pair! Fun and playful, sweet and fruity, it’s a novel way for kids to express their personalities and sense of style. What kind of Bubblegummer - BabyYumYum

Bestsellers in this funky new range have been the Bubblegummers high-tops and light-up sneakers, with extra ankle support and a pop of personality, perfect for your little one’s non-stop playtime.

No matter what kind of Bubblegummer your kiddo is, there’s a shoe to fit their personality!

For the perfect pastel princess:

Bubblegummers Hitop Sneaker – White
Whether they’re skipping rope on the playground or exploring new places, this sneaker will keep them looking cool and feeling comfortable every step of the way! 381 1981 - BabyYumYum

For the daring dynamite dunker:

Bubblegummers Arnie Sneaker
Kids will be steady on their feet and looking sharp as they race around the backyard and take on the jungle gym in these slick high-tops. 381 1581 - BabyYumYum

For the terrific twinkling tot:

Bubblegummers Light Up Trainer – Lilac
Great for little girls on the go, these lilac sneakers will have her shining like a star, with soles that light up with a touch of magic in every step! 351 9922 - BabyYumYum

For the supersonic speed racer:

Bubblegummers Stride Light Sneaker – Grey
They’ll love stomping around and watching the sole light up with every step in these epic sneakers. 151 2740 - BabyYumYum

For the sassy space sweetheart:

Bubblegummers Light Up Sneaker – Multi
Add some sparkle to her step with these dazzling sneaks perfect for any little space explorer in training! 151 9540 - BabyYumYum

Let your little ones pick out their new favourite pair at selected Edgars stores nationwide, Edgars online, or Superbalist.

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