How to look after a newborn: everything you need to know about umbilical cord care, poop & sleep

by BabyYumYum
Baby Yum Yum - How to look after a newborn
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The first few days and weeks with a newborn can be stressful and new parents need all the help and support they can get (although this info is just as useful for second-, third- or fourth-time parents).giphy downsized large - BabyYumYumAnd that’s why we asked ‘baby whisperer’ (btw she’s ALSO a ‘mommy whisperer’) Sr Ann Richardson – who is a qualified nurse and midwife – to fill us in on everything we need to know about looking after a newborn: from taking care of the umbilical cord to what different types of newborn poop mean and setting up a sleep routine for your baby.Some of the crucial parenting questions that are answered in the InstaLive below:
  • Why is my baby’s poop black and sticky?
  • Should I use alcohol to clean my baby’s umbilical cord?
  • When will my baby’s umbilical cord fall off?
  • Can I start my newborn on a sleep routine?
  • How can I speed up my recovery after a c-section?
  • What is a poonami?
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