How to make Mother’s Day a good one – even in lockdown

Baby Yum Yum - How to make Mother’s Day a good one – even in lockdown
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You might not have any bubbly left in the house, and going for brunch and meeting the family for Mother’s Day lunch are off the cards for Sunday, but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel celebrating and showing thanks to the mom in your life.

Here are some things you can do for your mom or the “mom” in your life, and some ideas for your own family at home.

For your mom

Order a late gift online

We put together a Mother’s Day gift list, which you can find here.

Get a meal delivered

Order your mom’s favourite food and get it delivered either from the restaurant if they’re delivering, or through an online app.

Create a digital album

Collate some of your favourite family pictures and create a digital slide show with words and even music. You can find some easy and free programmes online, or you can make one with an app like Splice (there are dozens of them – simply Google them). You could also make a PowerPoint “presentation” of memories and photos.

Woman with long hair hugging her child

Have a virtual celebration

Set up a Zoom meeting or Facebook party, and have a virtual celebration.

Say hi from a distance

If the mom in your life lives close by, you could drive past and make a distanced visit with a giant Mother’s Day sign or a big wave.

Virtually tour a museum together or see a show

There are so many free shows and museum visits online that you can enjoy together. To find something that interests you, Google. We love the Hidden Worlds of the National Parks, online tours of The Louvre, and cooking lessons with Bon Appetit.

With your family

Ideally, your loved ones should be pulling out all the stops for you this Sunday, but if they need some inspiration, or you’re looking for something to do (other than bake and do crafts with the little ones), here are some ideas:

Ask for time out

We know that time and rest are the best “gifts”, so take a few hours off, and let everyone know in case they need to work around it. Take a long bath, watch series, have a nap, or do an at-home mani and pedi. Switch off your devices (unless you want to happily scroll through Pinterest and Instagram) and close the door. Whatever you do, make sure it’s good for you and makes you feel lovely and rested.

Breakfast with roses served on wooden tray

Breakfast in bed

Do you have a breakfast order? Tell your family what you would like most (sometimes it’s good to spell out your needs and wants when you can).

Movie night

Set a movie date with your partner once the kids are asleep. Turn off the lights, bring out the popcorn and Astros, and have fun.

Have a picnic

If you have a garden, take out a blanket and your favourite foods and snacks. Put on some music and enjoy some time in the great outdoors (even on lockdown).

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