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Lose yourself in a great book

by Melissa Jane Cook
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Lose yourself in fabulous reads this year! Read about the inspiring, uplifting story of a woman changing the world with The Good Fight; discover alternative ways to find your sanity with Self-Helpless; follow a woman whose name has been forgotten by history in The Clockmaker’s Daughter; be captivated by a woman who cared for a lost baby elephant and offered refuge to traumatised orphaned rhinos in An Elephant In My Kitchen, and discover a woman willing to take on a president in Full Disclosure.


Rebecca Davis

A fabulous, witty read searching for the meaning of life through various means including the world of auras, chakras, hallucinogenic drugs, sweat lodges, sangomas, past lives and more. Everywhere Rebecca Davis looked, the world was in poor shape. And because she’d quit drinking, she no longer had the comfort blanket of alcohol to tamp down her anxiety. How did sober people stay sane?


The Good Fight

Danielle Steele

Against the electrifying backdrop of the 1960s, Danielle Steel unveils a gripping chronicle of a young woman who discovers a passion for justice. The daughter and granddaughter of prominent Manhattan lawyers, Meredith McKenzie is destined for the best of everything: top schools, elite social circles, the perfect marriage. Meredith enlists in the most pressing causes of her time, joining a new generation of women, breaking boundaries socially, politically and professionally.


The Clockmaker’s Daughter

Kate Morton

In the summer of 1862, a group of young artists led by the passionate and talented Edward Radcliffe descends upon Birchwood Manor on the banks of the Upper Thames. Their plan: to spend a secluded summer month in a haze of inspiration and creativity. But by the time their stay is over, one woman has been shot dead while another has disappeared, a priceless heirloom is missing, and Edward Radcliffe’s life is in ruins. The Clockmaker’s Daughter is a story of murder, mystery and thievery, of art, love and loss.


An Elephant in My Kitchen

Françoise Malby-Anthony

Utterly enchanting, gripping and incredibly spellbinding, this novel tells the story of a chic Parisienne whose life changed forever when she fell in love with South African conservationist, Lawrence Anthony. Together they founded a game reserve but after Lawrence’s death, Françoise faced the daunting responsibility of running Thula Thula without him. In this heart-warming and moving book, Françoise describes how she fought to protect the herd and to make her dream of building a wildlife rescue centre a reality.


Full Disclosure

Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels tells her whole story for the first time: everything about the events that led to the nondisclosure agreement with Donald Trump and the behind-the-scenes attempts to intimidate her, how she came to be a leading actress and director in the adult film business, and the full truth about her journey from a rough childhood in Louisiana onto the national stage.

Stormy is funny, sharp, warm, and impassioned by turns. Her story is a thoroughly American one, of a girl who loved reading and horses and who understood from a very young age what she wanted – and who also knew she’d have to get every step of the way there on her own.


All of the above books are published by Pan MacMillan

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