Mommy Diaries’ Mapaseka Koetle on motherhood

by Goodwill Thomo
Mapaseka Koetle
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Television actress and entrepreneur Mapaseka Koetle has become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Goodwill Thomo chatted to her about figuring out the role of motherhood.

Koetle catapulted to fame when she landed the role of Dintle Nyathi in the immensely popular eTV soap opera, Scandal. Ever since her breakthrough role, she has been sought after for various television projects and has also made her mark in the world of commercials.

What draws admiration from so many people is her unwavering commitment to hard work, her unique approach to parenting, and her unapologetic authenticity.

A boss mom who efficiently manages multiple tasks, the 34-year-old is mother to Nema (7), and she takes great pleasure in the art of parenting. Perusing her Instagram profile, you can catch a captivating glimpse into her unique approach to nurturing and her parenting abilities.

After witnessing the overwhelming support that she received following the birth of her daughter, Koetle was compelled to share her own experiences and offer guidance to other mothers who may be going through similar challenges.

She recently launched her own podcast called Mommy Diaries which strives to foster engaging and transformative dialogues surrounding motherhood.

How has your parenting journey been?

My parenting journey has been amazing, from my pregnancy and birth to now. I’m blessed to have a child who listens when I talk to her. She is kind and that makes life a bit easier. It’s been a beautiful journey that has taught me a lot about myself like that I am actually very strong. Parenting teaches patience whether you like it or not.

You’re growing at the same time as your child is growing, and it’s incredible and so beautiful.

Tell us about your daughter, Nema.

She is so funny. I used to pray when I was pregnant that she must take over her dad’s personality and my looks, but God was like nope, she has my personality and looks like her dad. Nema is kind and very chilled. I can go anywhere with her. She is like a little woman who is always neat, and she loves her friends. I have fun with her.

How would you describe yourself as a mother?

I am a mixture; I sometimes see my mom in me when I mother Nema. I’m also a modern mom which means understanding that things have changed.

I communicate with her a lot; I talk to her like she’s an adult especially when she throws tantrums or cries without communicating what she wants. I try to help her communicate her feelings. I’m quite open-minded. Sometimes I see myself and I feel like I’m becoming my own mother because my mom was very strict.

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What do you enjoy most about being a mom?

Witnessing this little person loving me unconditionally. I can feel her love and I enjoy spending time with her. I enjoy this friendship that we are forming, and I enjoy learning about her and myself.

What does a normal day with Nema look like?

Each day is different. As an actress, if I’m heavy on the storyline, her dad drops her off at school and picks her up. He also takes her to extra-murals. When I am not working, I always do the lifting.

I always make sure that we go outside, play and spend some time together. If I am shooting a lot, it gets difficult to spend time with her and it makes me sad, but I must work. I’m still trying to figure out the balance. Whenever I have time, I always show up for her because I think what’s more important than anything is present parents.

On weekends we do whatever she wants to do she goes to swimming and after that, we eat out and take our dog for a walk. We find joy in the smallest things. Mapaseka Koetle - BabyYumYum

What has the hardest lesson of parenting?

As a modern mother and entrepreneur, I’m pushing my career. It does get hectic to balance everything. When you’re working a lot, it come guilt and emotions like OMG, I want to spend time with my child.

When life gets difficult and you’re dealing with work, the world and the stress that comes with everything, showing up for your child is not always easy. Some days you just want to sleep but there are so many responsibilities!

I’m trying my best but sometimes it’s challenging. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.If my mother from Bloemfontein is struggling to come and help me, my nanny can sleep over and help me and Nema’s dad is always supportive. I’m not superwoman and I can’t do everything at the same time.

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How is co-parenting?

It is so beautiful. It’s so important that whatever you’re going through, whether it’s separation from your partner, divorce or break-up, just make sure it does not affect the kids. Whenever I am not there, he is there. He has a beautiful relationship with Nema.

Co-parenting was not easy in the beginning, but we know how important it is that the child can have the best of both worlds. We’re navigating it, we show up, we love her, and we provide for her. I don’t have any issues with her dad.

How did Mommy Diaries come about?

Mommy Diaries was a movement I started after giving birth because motherhood is so fascinating. I used to host intimate events where we talked about our experiences. I learnt that as women, rich or poor and from different backgrounds, we all go through a lot from pregnancy, the anxiety of that journey to having a child depending on you.

Mothers come together and we talk all things motherhood. Trying to figure out who this little person is and what they like is so interesting. I like having conversations about motherhood and pregnancy.

I’m not used to interviewing people, which gave me a lot of anxiety and taught me a lot about asking questions and taking to amazing women. Plus, I have conquered my fear of presenting.

I want Mommy Diaries to be the go-to, trusted podcast with expert advice and for mothers to get information and make decisions regarding parenting like choosing the right school and investment options for your children.

What’s next in 2024?

I think everything I worked hard for last year will happen. There are certain things I did that I can’t speak about yet but that will show in 2024. 2023 interesting for me– it wasn’t good or bad. It taught me a lot about myself, and it made me realise that I’m very strong.

I want Mommy Diaries to grow and more mommies to subscribe. My hope is that it’s a movement where I can empower all women who know that they are not alone because motherhood is hard.

I’d like to hold events in different provinces where women meet and celebrate each other and celebrate that God has given us the gift of nurturing our kids and bringing them into this world. Our kids will become our future presidents, doctors and much more. We’re here to guide them and not control them.

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