Moms, rediscover your best self for a happier family

by Olivia Wallis
How to Rediscover Yourself As A Mom
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As mothers, we all strive to be successful in raising our children. However, society often imposes rigid definitions of success, like career achievements, wealth, and social status. Amid this, it’s easy to forget about ourselves. BYY’s expert, Recovery Coach, Olivia Wallis, has some tips.  

Do you remember the vibrant energy you once had before motherhood? It’s time to ask, “What about me?” It’s time to reclaim your inner spark. There’s more to life than just material accomplishments. Let’s explore tips how to be more in tune with yourself and in being a better mother, you’ll be able to offer the best to your whole family.

Unlocking the true essence of motherhood

Break free from conventional notions of success! Motherhood is not just about checking boxes; it’s about embracing the entirety of your multi-dimensional being. It’s about finding joy, passion, and fulfillment in the things that truly matter to you and your family. The remarkable and unique you as a mother, is waiting to be discovered.

We need to redefine success as a personal journey of self-discovery and growth in the context of motherhood. Success can be a nurturing journey where you feel connected, present, and truly alive in all the roles of your life, including as a mother. But first, we must redefine success in a way that nurtures our souls and enriches our children’s lives:

  • Reflect on what truly matters for your family. Take a moment to reflect on your life. What brings joy and fulfillment to your family? Is it quality time with your children, engaging in activities together, or perhaps nurturing their talents and interests? Rediscovering these gems is your first step to redefining success as a mother. Start by making a list of things that truly matter to your family. These are the things that should define your success as a mother.

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  • Balance the roles of motherhood. Imagine your life as a balancing act with multiple roles: caregiver, teacher, playmate, and more. Balancing these roles is crucial for your family’s well-being. While providing for your children is important, it’s equally vital to nurture your relationships, engage in self-care, and foster your children’s emotional growth. Recognise that your mental and emotional well-being as a mother is as crucial as any other aspect of your family’s success. Enrich your family’s life with meaningful moments and growth experiences.
  • Don’t just do, feel the moments. Connect with your emotions as a mother. How do you want to feel in each role you play? You might want to feel cherished by your children, fulfilled in your caregiving, and vibrant as a mother. These feelings are your compass in redefining success for your family. Listen to them and let them guide you on this journey.
  • Create your personal motherhood success plan. Write down your feelings about and values for each role you play as a mother. This plan will be your guide in your quest for a fulfilling family life. Remember, this is a flexible document that can evolve as your family grows and changes. Be open to re-evaluating and updating it as you and your children grow together.

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  • Embrace & celebrate your growth as a mother. As you embark on this new journey of motherhood, embrace the changes and challenges. Be gentle with yourself and your children. Celebrate the moments when you feel the energy and love flowing within your family. These are the moments when you are truly successful as a mother. Share your joys and triumphs with your loved ones, especially your children.

The Essence of being a MotherFinally, it’s your time to shine as a mother! Do this by liberating yourself from traditional expectations of motherhood. Rediscover the remarkable mother within you who’s yearning to flourish. You are worthy of creating an extraordinary family life filled with love, passion, and joy.

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