Moms who found genius solutions to everyday problems

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Moms who found genius solutions to everyday problems
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Every now and then a mom comes up with a hack that makes the lives of parents everywhere infinitely easier. We’ve put together a list of the very best parenting hacks so there’s one less thing for you to worry about – enjoy!

Smart solution

Getting medication into a toddler can be near impossible. Here’s a smart solution from a clever mom: place the syringe on the other side of a sippie cup straw (a bottle teat would work just as well for a younger child). Is it sneaky? Yes. But is it effective? Also yes.


We’ve all been tempted to take the batteries out of our kid’s loud toys but if you can’t actually bring yourself to do it, try this ear-saving parenting hack instead. Putting sticky tape over the speakers will make the sound (a little!) more tolerable.

Safe as (child-proof) houses

Because accidents happen when toddlers become mobile, use a pool noodle to ‘soften’ hard edges like tables. Thanks mom, we’ll definitely be using this brilliant safety hack!

Picture perfect

When your child hasn’t quite mastered the whole left/right concept, just tell your little one to ‘make the picture whole’. What a time-saver!

Toy jail

If we could hand out an award for Parent Of The Year it would go to this mom who suggests creating a ‘toy jail’ for toys that aren’t put away at the end of each day. The added bonus? The kids need to do a chore in order to get their toys back.

No mess, no fuss

No more cleaning up after your toddler redecorates the bathroom using a week’s worth of toilet paper – all you need is a hair band or an elastic. Genius!

Pretend play

If you’ve run out of ways to keep the kids entertained at home, here’s an activity that will keep them busy for ages: let them ‘paint’ the fence, bricks or driveway. The trick is to give them a bucket of water instead of paint – and there’s absolutely no clean-up necessary!

Squeaky clean

What’s the definition of a split second? For parents, it’s the time between giving your child a new bath toy and it being filled with impossible-to-clean mould. Save yourself a fortune in replacement toys (and the effort of trying to clean them) by closing up the holes with a hot glue gun before putting them in the bath.

The big freeze

Keep school lunches cool using just a sponge and a ziplock bag. Place the sponge in the bag then in the freezer. When you pack your child’s school lunchbox in the morning, put the sponge inside and it will keep the contents cool until break. Put the sponge back in the freezer when the kids get home from school. Easy!

Thou shall not pass

Hmmm… toilet paper seems to present a LOT of problems for moms with toddlers. We love this mom’s smart hack to stop her little ones from using too much loo roll.

Perfect pair

Can you even call yourself a parent if you don’t have a collection of single socks? This mom has the solution we’ve all been waiting for…
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So sweet

And here’s a hack that we can ALL appreciate! No more hiding in the bathroom to sneak a snack so the kids don’t see – hide them in plain(ish) sight in a place they’ll NEVER look. #You’reWelcome

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