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Nipping nappy rash in the butt: top tips for dealing with bottom problems

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What is Nappy Rash
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So, you’ve welcomed a tiny new addition to your family and you feel readier than ever to knock this parenting thing out of the park. Yet, you are anxious as you know that there are a hundred twists and turns ready to make raising an infant a more challenging affair.

Your baby’s skin is one of those challenges and is a very sensitive part of your little one’s body, yet it is what protects them from harm. One of the most common areas a baby’s skin needs protection is under the nappy. 

You have likely heard of nappy rash, and are hopefully prepared for it. Pampers Parenting Expert, Sister Yolanda Mpilo says a nappy rash is a common occurrence and can happen no matter how carefully you tend to your baby’s bum. 

“The truth is, almost all babies who wear nappies will eventually get nappy rash. But there are things you can do to provide extra attention and care,” says Sister Yolanda. 

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She provides a few expert tips on how to protect your baby from the irritations of a nappy rash:

Change your baby’s nappies frequently

“Your baby is going to wee and poo a lot in the early stages of their lives,” says Sister Yolanda. “You need to remember to change their wet or dirty nappy as quickly as possible to stop a rash from forming and to help an existing rash heal faster.” 

Let your baby’s bottom ‘air’

When you are changing your baby’s nappy, Sister Yolanda recommends that you let your baby’s bum air out. “Exposing skin to air is a natural and gentle way to let it dry. If you are worried about accidents, just lay a towel out and engage in play while they are without a nappy.”

The right cream will make all the difference

Don’t just use any old cream to protect your baby’s bottom. Sister Yolanda recommends using specific bum creams that will help act as a barrier ointment during each nappy change. “There are many bum creams for moms to choose from that have proven to be effective. Make sure you do your homework first,” she says. 

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Use the right nappy

It is called nappy rash for a reason, so it might be advisable to consider using a different nappy to help your little one overcome constant nappy rashes. “Some nappies are going to provide better protection and aeration for your baby’s skin. The Pampers Premium Care nappies, for example, already have a built-in baby lotion to help protect delicate skin and provide better breathability to help keep that bum as dry as possible,” says Sister Yolanda.  

Seek the right advice

In the end, if nappy rashes get out of control, there is no substitute for the right advice from your paediatrician or your local GP. “Every baby is different and while there are common ways to deal with common problems, it is worth speaking to your baby’s doctor if you are worried that their nappy rash is becoming a more serious problem. 

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