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Organised mom hacks to make life easier & school mornings calmer

by BabyYumYum
Organised mom hacks to make life easier
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Are school mornings the most stressful part of your day? You’re not alone, mama. If you’re looking for a way to make school mornings a little easier and a lot less stressful, try some of these genius time-saving organisation hacks from real moms.

Organised mom hacks

About once a month – usually on the weekends – I’ll take an entire loaf of bread and make French toast, then freeze it. In the mornings before school, I pull a few slices out, pop them in the toaster and breakfast is done. Dawn

If your kids have cereal for breakfast, you can put out a bowl (I use plastic bowls with lids to keep it from going stale) the night before and all the kids have to do is pour their own milk – it means they can sit down to breakfast without my help. Elizabeth

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For younger kids, make a velcro chart showing them what clothes they need to take out for the next day. I check the weather and before they go to bed I add little pictures of, for example, shorts, a t-shirt and takkies, to the velcro board if it’s going to be warm the next day. The kids love the responsibility of deciding what they’re going to wear, while I know they’re dressed appropriately for the weather and occasion. Val

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I’d been packing my kids’ lunches and setting out their clothes the night before for years before I finally started doing the same for myself. And that is what has made all the difference. Nomsisi

Every car needs an ’emergency kit’. I’m not talking about what you need for in case you break down (although that’s also important!), it’s a collection of the little things you or your kids are likely to lose or forget. My emergency kit always has a couple of pens, hair clips, a few non-perishable snacks and some small change for the tuck shop in it. Shanawaaz

Organised mom hacks to make life easier & school mornings calmer

When I do the ironing on a Sunday, I put everyone’s clothes on different coloured hangers – my daughter’s hangers are blue, and my son’s hangers are white – then everyone has to choose what they’re going to wear that week and pack their clothes away themselves. No excuses! Aszure

This might not save time in the mornings but it’s an organisation hack that I’ve found very useful: put together a homework basket. It should have compartments and you fill it with pencils, sharpeners, crayons, markers, stapler – whatever the kids might need to complete their homework. This way, they don’t have to unpack and repack their school stationery boxes. MJ

School bags need to be put in the car the night before so there’s no hunting for them in the mornings! Marilyn

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When my son was younger I printed out a ‘list’ (using pictures of the items) of what needed to go in his school bag every day. I laminated the list and stuck it up near the door with a dry erase marker so he could check off each item every morning and we could just rub it out and use it again the next day. He never once forgot his lunch or library book. Stacey

Best thing I ever did was install coat hooks by the front door: blazers and school bags go on the hooks so we always know where they are. We also have a ‘no shoe rule’ at home so school shoes are always at the front door. Lara

Buy all the same colour socks for each of your kids. That is all! Holly

Organised mom hacks to make life easier

When your child brings home an artwork from school, hang it on the fridge for a few days (or until the next piece of art arrives), then take a picture of it and place the drawing in the recycling. Every few months, or at the end of the year, put the pics together in a digital album. Jess

I let my daughter, who goes to creche, sleep in the clothes she’s going to wear the next day. No struggles over getting dressed before we head out the door in the morning. Marcy

I told my son that if he is dressed, has eaten breakfast and his bag is packed in the car that he can play games on my ipad until it’s time to leave for school. Without fail, he’s ready 10 minutes early every morning! Carolyn

We have an ‘in tray’ in the kitchen and any pieces of paper from the school – including notices or slips that need to be signed – go in there. I check it every night so there are no last-minute surprises in the mornings. Ntseke

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Each of my kids has a hanging shelf in their cupboards with five compartments. On a Sunday afternoon I sit with each child to choose five outfits for the week ahead. Come Monday morning they grab what’s in the first compartment and get dressed independently. You won’t believe how much time this saves. Tracy

Pre-made (then frozen and defrosted) egg ‘muffins’ were a lifesaver to me because breakfast could be ready in minutes and could even be eaten in the car. Tumi

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Try setting up a separate email address for school communications. I’m a working mom and I get a lot of emails so now important info from the school doesn’t get lost in my regular inbox clutter. Jessica

Bathroom ‘bins’ for each child made my life so much easier. Everyone has their own hairbrush, toothbrush, deodorant and anything else they might need to get ready in the morning in one place. Having a bin like this also serves as a reminder of all the things they need to do like brush teeth, hair etc. Ntombi

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