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We are SO excited (Tali voice) to watch Tali’s Baby Diary. It picks up after Tali’s Wedding Diary and follows Tali as she ventures into a new life stage – becoming a mom and, of course, a #momfluencer. BabyYumYum spoke to Julia Anastasopoulos (Tali) about parenting in real life (Julia has a two and a half-year-old daughter, Zoe), momfluencers and more. What is the biggest difference between you and Tali as a mom?I’m much more relaxed and go with the flow. Motherhood has taught me to do the best that I can, to not care about what other people think and not to have high expectations. Basically the opposite of what Tali would say. Tali is hung up on everything being perfect and is worried about what people think. Any tips for those wanting to become a #momfluencer? Tali and I would have very different advice. I follow a lot of moms on social media and like it when moms are authentic. It’s important to show the not so perfect sides of motherhood. We often don’t see that and as new moms, we become disillusioned by this picture-perfect curated idea of motherhood. Be yourself and be authentic. We are all struggling through it.
What was the most surprising thing you discovered after becoming a parent?Parenting pushed me to extremes that I never thought I was capable of. You just have to do it and make it happen. I’ve definitely become more organised, capable and I’m on top of things. I can handle a lot more. What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before you became a mom?I wish I’d not been so focused on the birth. So much emphasis is placed on the birth but what comes afterwards is important. I wish I’d focused on the journey of motherhood. Becoming a mom is such a huge mental shift. There needs to be more emphasis on what happens afterwards. Becoming a mom took me by surprise. Has your daughter watched you on TV? Does she find it weird? Yes! It’s a funny one. She is only two and a half but has grown up around me getting dressed up and putting on makeup. She has an idea of pretend stuff. It’s been insane filming and editing, as I work with my husband, Ari Kruger, so it involves the whole family. She’ll even ask for Tali.Anything else to add?It’s been an amazing experience finding the comedy in this motherhood journey. It’s so hectic and it helps if you can find the humour. Being part of this show is such a great outlet. We should laugh more about our journey into motherhood. Watch the trailer below Catch Tali’s Baby Diary on Showmax from the 26th of Feb 2021.About Tali’s Baby Diary In Tali’s Baby Diary, an unexpected pregnancy forces Tali into a desperate pivot from Insta-influencer to “wholesome” momfluencer, as Darren and Rael navigate the choppy waters of the Cape Town property game.But as the nine-month clock ticks down, Tali and the boys are forced to face the bigger questions about life, love and parenthood.Look out for your favourites from Tali’s Wedding Diary, as well as a host of SA celebs in guest roles, including Coconut Kelz.How cute is this picture of our editor and her daughter???

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