Things I’ve learned about post maternity leave

by Noloyiso Tlali
Things I’ve learned about post maternity leave
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You are not alone and what you feel is totally normal! BYY’s post maternity leave experts, Lori Mihalich-Levin & Noloyiso Tlal tell it like it is about going back to work post baby.
  1. We all cry before we go back to work. Whether we’ve taken weeks or months off, whether we’re entrusting our little ones to a family member, a nanny, an au pair, or a day care, those weeks, days, and hours leading up to our return choke (most of) us up, bring tears to our eyes and make us hug our babies tighter. Is it a sign we aren’t supposed to go back? Nope! Is it a sign of weakness?  Or lack of professional commitment? Nope and nope again! It’s just part of being a completely normal, living, breathing, human being.  Who happens to have turned herself upside down to bring love and new life into the world.
  2. We are much harder on ourselves than anyone else is. I don’t want to diminish the prejudices that exist in workplaces against working parents – they exist to be sure. We’ve discovered that we tend to build up so much guilt over things that don’t even seem to matter to other people. Take baby sick days, for example.  We may terrorize ourselves trying to stay on top of work and worrying what our colleagues will think of our absence. Be gentle with yourself, in the first few weeks back at work you will be tired, frustrated, and full of self-doubt, maybe even conflicted about whether to return to work or stay at home. Indeed, many people come back from parental leave and consider quitting. But just because you’re sad o\r worried now doesn’t mean you will be forever – this is an emotional time.  Don’t ignore your feelings, but bear in mind that, just like the ages and stages of your new child, this too shall pass. People get sick, especially children.
  3. We have so much to be proud of. We’ve given speeches to audiences of thousands; grown and led teams; helped neighbours; risked everything; survived pregnancy and other losses; learned to pump in crazy places; and given birth to human beings.  Wow, Mama you are amazing!
  4. New Mamas are awake (and online) at all crazy hours of the day and night.How amazing is it that we have the technology to connect with one another in the wee hours, when we may need connection the most?
  5. You don’t have to do it all alone Mama! where possible take help when it is offered – if you can afford it, please out source, just to give yourself a moment to breathe and focus on all the other things on your to do list. Also, Pre-cut veggies aren’t cheating. Whatever makes life easier can be worth it.  Enough said.

post maternity leave

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