Rethinking the bounty bag

Baby Yum Yum - rethinking the bounty bag
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In the last few days before I gave birth to my second daughter, I reflected on my pregnancy and had a few laughs about the craziness of who we become during the nine months of pregnancy. I understood the concept of a bounty bag (the freebie bag you get from certain brands before delivery with ‘everything’ in it for your newborn) but even though all the free stuff in the bounty bag is nice to have, you’ll probably have already bought or been given many of these things.

However, I do think that someone out there is missing an amazing opportunity to make a free ‘during pregnancy’ bag – a real welcome to nine months of crazy hormones going crazy” bag. Let’s be honest; there are tons of products that savvy marketers could include in it. Here are my suggestions:

“A bounty bag … the freebie bag you get from certain brands before delivery with ‘everything’ in it for your newborn.”

  • Simple and practical old-school panties. Those sexy thongs won’t do the trick anymore when your bum starts to spread.
  • Sachets of Gaviscon for the heartburn you’ll experience during the full nine months.
  • An extra-large tube of Canesten (for yeast infections) for those sleepless, itchy nights.
  • How about a rather large bar of chocolate … let’s make that a supersized bar.
  • A voucher from a nail or hair salon because you just need some pampering.
  • Extra-strength deodorant for those days and nights of extreme ’glowing’ (perspiration).
  • How about something for the dreaded flatulence – you can only blame the dog so many times.
  • A stress ball to throw at your partner’s head packed together with a big box of tissues – that way you’ll be covered for all emotional meltdowns.
  • Panty liners … for those ’rainy’ (discharge) days.
  • Some expandable and comfortable bras. Once again, those little lacey numbers just serve no purpose anymore.
  • A small mirror to be able to look at yourself below your tummy … yes, it’s still there.
  • A notepad and pen for endless to-do lists and to help with preggy brain … I didn’t forget that, did I?
  • A voucher for a free tub of Haagen-Dazs Salted Caramel Ice Cream for those moments of indulgence and hey, the weight won’t show.
  • Nipple and bum cream for cracked nipples early on in the game.
  • A voucher to spend on some rather practical flat shoes. If you’re a high-heel queen like me, trading them for flats can be rather distressing but we all have to surrender at some stage – and it is only temporary.
  • Lastly, a T-shirt like this so you don’t have to answer all the well-meaning, but imposing questions about your bump from strangers.

If you’re a clever brand manager looking to attract and sway the purchasing decisions of a whole new market, then here it is … the pregnant mom-to-be. If you feel like I did as my pregnancy neared the end, put your swollen, unshaven legs up, grab your tub of ice cream and remember that it’s not forever. Try and find the humour in your metamorphosis, as it’s all for a good cause.

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