As Long As It’s Not A Dog By Jaco Jacobs & Patrick Latimer

by BabyYumYum
As Long As It's Not A Dog By Jaco Jacobs & Patrick Latimer

Dogs, as anyone who has ever encountered one can attest, are avid sniffers.
To illustrate the profound disparity between the human and canine olfactory experiences, the author not only delves into the physical composition of a dog’s nose (for instance, a beagle’s nose boasts 300 million receptor sites, in stark contrast to a human’s six million) but also explores the intricate mechanics of the canine snout.

Unlike humans, who must exhale before inhaling new air, dogs operate differently. They inhale and, as their nostrils quiver, they draw the air deeper into their noses while simultaneously expelling it through side slits. The employment of specialised photography reveals that the airflow generated during a dog’s exhalation assists in drawing in a fresh scent.

This unique process allows dogs to not only retain more scents simultaneously than we can but also enables them to continually renew their olfactory experiences, in a manner akin to humans adjusting their gaze to see more. Super interesting for kids and adults alike!

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