Every exquisite thing By Laura Steven

by BabyYumYum
Every exquisite thing By Laura Steven - BabyYumYum
Every exquisite thing By Laura Steven
A feminist YA horror-thriller-romance retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray by the TikTok sensation and author of The Society for Soulless Girls… Penny Paxton is the daughter of an icon. Her supermodel mother has legions of adoring fans around the world, and Penny is ready to begin her journey to international adoration, starting with joining the elite Dorian Drama School. When Penny’s new mentor offers her an opportunity she cannot refuse, to have a…

Penny enrolls at the Dorian Dance Academy to continue the legacy of her mother—but she makes a huge mistake as her desire for stardom and immortal stardom seems to be leading to her downfall… It’s well written, sexy, mysterious and very enjoyable. Nola Jacobs

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Kayakazi Mapisa February 19, 2024 - 5:39 am

It’s very good


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