Hokey Pokey by Kate Mascarenhas

by BabyYumYum
Hokey Pokey by Kate Mascarenhas
Hokey Pokey
Published: June 8, 2023
The Regent Hotel in Birmingham is a place of lush glamour, where guests sip absinthe cocktails on velvet banquettes and obliging waiters are always on hand. Yet behind its glittering façade, you might find monsters lurking in the shadows... On a cold February evening, Nora Dickinson checks in. A psychoanalyst with a dubious past, Nora has battled not to let her own demons overcome her. But when a terrible snowstorm cuts The Regent off from…

Hokey Pokey by Kate Mascarenhas book review

A compelling tale set in The Regent Hotel in Birmingham…when the famous opera singer Berenice Oxbow checks in (with a psychoanalyst on her tail), and the hotel is snowed In, reality starts to shift in strange ways. A  dark and complex read that holds murder, madness and intrigue.

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