Mazy the movie star by Isla Fisher

by BabyYumYum
Mazy the movie star by Isla Fisher
Mazy the movie star by Isla Fisher
Illustrator: Paula Bowles
Published: September 29, 2022
From comic actress and bestselling author, Isla Fisher, comes this funny and reassuring picture book with a message that resonates loud and clear – always be true to yourself. Mazy is a famous movie star who has her fur fluffed twice a day. While other dogs chase sticks at the park, Mazy chases her acting dreams. Then one morning Mazy's agent delivers bad news. Hollywoof has changed and there are no jobs for Mazy anymore.…

Mazy the movie star book review

This book is a great way to show children that sometimes making a change within yourself is necessary to move forward. It touches on arrogance as well, making it a ‘must-read’ for children to learn that stubbornness and arrogance don’t get you anywhere.

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