My Life on Fire by Cath Howe

by BabyYumYum
My Life on Fire by Cath Howe
My life on fire
A tense, page-turning story that sensitively deals with themes of family upheaval and kleptomania, by the bestselling author of Ella on the Outside. Ren's family lose their home in a fire. They're living with her grandmother now and things are a bit tense. Ren lost her collection of things, her clothes; her brother lost his little bear and is inconsolable. So Ren starts replacing things with other people's possessions. They've got loads of stuff, after all.…

My Life on Fire by Cath Howe book review

The characters in this story are so engaging and each has a distinctive and believable voice. The story is believable but delightfully unpredictable. Cath Howe holds our attention until the end.

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