This Thread of Gold by Catherine Joy White

by BabyYumYum
This Thread of Gold by Catherine Joy White
This Thread of Gold by Catherine Joy White
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It was refreshing to read a book about the black experience from an author who is not from North America—this brought through a different energy to this celebration.

The stories that span different generations are narrated so well that I could feel myself in the various settings. The story telling not only entertains, empowers and educates but also brings a sense of sadness, anger, relatability, compassion and a profusion of other emotions in-between.

I like how Joy peppers the book with stories of her life and experiences that she has been through, as well as the facts she’s really covered the experiences /stories of the diaspora of black woman.

It reminded me that I am from a community of people who have and continue to not just fight through adversity, but thrive and uplift so many more others through it. Although we are not homogeneous, Catherine Joy White opens us up to how beautifully a golden thread that ties us together and our responsibility to always carry others up when they need it.

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