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SA Parenting Blog Awards 2022 winners announced

by BabyYumYum
Baby Yum Yum - BabyYumYum.co.za SA Mom Blog Award winners 2022 announced
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Earlier this year BabyYumYum.co.za partnered with SA Mom blogs for the SA Parenting Blog Awards 2022, with the aim to recognise and reward great writing in the parenting space. The initiative was supported by Ackermans and there was an incredible R20 000 in cash up for grabs.

Parenting blogs are among the fastest-growing sectors of niche content on the Internet, and for good reason. Parents need to read these personal stories – whether purely for entertainment, for educational purposes or to find solace in shared experiences – to feel like they aren’t alone.

Our judges, Terrance Mentor, Kate Macfarlane, Salamina Mosese, Crystal-Donna Roberts and Sonya Naude, went through over 320 entries and were blown away by the quality of the submissions. Congratulations to all the bloggers who entered – thank you for sharing your stories and experiences and we encourage you to enter again next year.

So, let’s get on to those winners…

Best blog post: Food

Runner up:

Rebecca Badrodin: In These Stilettos for 15 Minute Meals: Beef with Broccoli

Though not fully a food blog, the food feature here is well planned and done in much the same way that the food blogs do it. This is a seasoned blogger with good ideas for content. Salamina Mosese

Great concept for a series. Bring it on! Sonya Naude


Teresa UlyateCupcakes and Couscous for Apple Crumble Cupcakes

parenting blog awards apple crumble cupcakes

Good recipes, well laid out, great pictures, and easy to follow steps. Salamina Mosese

Just marvelous! Jam-packed with ideas, tips and tricks. And they look so easy. Sonya Naude

Best blog post: Finance

Highly Commended:

Mapalo MakhuWoman & Finance for The Best Investments to Make in your 20’s and 30’s. and 2022 Will Be What You Make It.

Experienced voice in finance, reads like professional advice. Salamina Mosese

Sound, trusted advice from a pioneering woman in the financial world. Kate Macfarlane

Runner Up:

Zeenah RahimMother of 7 for The grocery budget plug

Practical advice that is easy to implement and apply in one’s life. Salamina Mosese


Aisha O’ReillyAisha & Life for How to Save and Start Investing for Beginners.

sa parenting blog awards winners

Blog excerpt: As always, I’m no money expert. I’m still learning with all of you. But what’s always worked for us is when we agree on a goal, and no matter what, stick to it and keep saving until we reach it. It’s important to know where we’re saving our money.

Good content on setting financial goals. Salamina Mosese

Her explanations of complex financial info is simple and relatable. So useful for young parents. Sonya Naude

Best blog post: Humour

Highly commended:

Luchae WilliamsMy Spreadsheet Brain for It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Humorous, tongue-in-cheek, enjoyable. Salamina Mosese

Runner up:

Kirsten NelThe Bird & The Beard for Marriage Hacks to Survive Children

Funny, easy to follow and a quirky take on marriage, parenting and life. Salamina Mosese A blog that pulls no punches – and we love her for that. High five Kirsten! Sonya Naude


Amy LalouetteMommy’s Off Her Meds for A Walking, Talking Blessing in Disguise.

Blog excerpt: When I later related the story to the Best Friend she nodded sagely. “There’s only one way to deal with this; you need to find a child who behaves even worse than yours and has a mother who is more incompetent than you.”

“That’s the problem! There are no children worse, or mothers more incompetent! My child is that child! And I am that mother!”

Without missing a beat the Best Friend said, “That’s wonderful! Think of what a blessing you are to all the moms around you. You make them feel so much better about themselves. That’s an awesome thing to do for others!”

Such a refreshing, honest blog. Amy is incredibly funny – and a talented writer that knows just how to craft her sentences to keep us entertained and hanging on for more. Sonya Naude

Best blog post: Health and Wellness

Highly Commended:

Tamlin WightmanWith Child & I for 37 weeks of your heart beating beside mine

Superbly written. Thank you to the author for sharing such a raw, honest experience. Kate Macfarlane

Runner up:

Tracey StellohKaydence (Helping moms keep their rhythm) for How a weighted blanket took a weight off my shoulders

sa parenting blog awards winners

Excellent content and subject matter, topical with good images. Salamina Mosese


Waheeda JoosabWhat Wayd Says for The Key to Self Love

Blog excerpt: You don’t need to feel particularly powerful at all times in order to love yourself. Just think about all you have done, how far you have come, how you survived. Being here, right now, is all that you need. Self-love does not happen overnight and it does not stick with you effortlessly. You have to work on it and, with time, it will settle itself into your heart. Be patient with yourself, be consistent in your mindset and, pretty soon, you will be in love with YOU.

An interesting take on a wellness topic. Self-love is well explained and this provides a great angle to a well known topic. Salamina Mosese

Best blog post: Parenting

Runner up:

Mponeng MokoenaAri’s Mom for I tell my daughter she is beautiful

sa parenting blog awards winners

Reads like a personal diary. Thoughtful passages with touching content. Leaves one feeling like they are close to the family. Salamina Mosese


Kirsten NelThe Bird & the Beard for I’m an Average Mom and I don’t give a S***

sa parenting blog awards

Blog excerpt: When my child takes aim and throws a book at his brother’s head, I’m not going to whisper sweet nothings to calm him down, but I’m also not going to wallop him into next Tuesday.

I’ll probably veer wildly between parenting styles in the space of a few minutes, upsetting the child, myself and the dog, pray to God that nobody is watching me but wondering where my village is to help me.

Then, at the end of the day, I’ll sit quietly amidst the chaos and sip my wine, convinced that I’m going to be the reason my child grows up to be a drug dealer.

It seems that I can’t win, with myself or my kids or the Facebook parenting groups.

And I guess that’s just the way it’s going to be. Sorry, kids – you got stuck with an average mom. But you know what? I have a sneaky suspicion I’m not the only one, amiright?

Kirsten holds our attention from the very first sentence, to the last. Refreshing and honest. Sonya Naude

Best blog post: Inspiration

Highly commended:

Lisa TrollipForts & Fairies We keep on keeping on (Durban Floods 2022)

Well laid out blog, great content, uplifting and light. Inspiring message without it being preachy. Salamina Mosese

Runner up:

Unathi MbonambiOur Kinda Family for The grass is greener where it’s watered

Interesting family with a unique approach to blogging and content creation. Salamina Mosese


Tamlin WightmanWith Child & I for Dear Baby

sa parenting blog awards winners

Blog excerpt: In two days, we will have The Scan. The Scan that will tell us whether we can start the gardening, building, baking… the making of you, baby. When the time is right, Dr Tam Tam and your mom, and the sperm of a man whom we know is tall, and has no genetic diseases, will come together in the not so romantic setting of a hospital bed in a tiny room on the second floor of a building in Wilderness Road. Wilderness Road, that’s a name meant for us. And so it will begin.

Best blog post: Crafts and Things to do with Kids

Highly commended:

Judy MacgregorFun Mama SA for 22 Rainy Day Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

Well crafted content, varied topics and interesting things for children. Salamina Mosese

Runner up:

Rebecca Badrodin – In These Stilettos for Sensory Play: Easy DIY Dinosaur Eggs


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Rebecca Badrodin (@inthesestilettos)

Instructions are clear, easy to follow and understand. Included videos. Salamina Mosese

I loooooove this and (importantly) it’s easy enough for non-crafty parents like me to do! Kate Macfarlane

Simple and practical – what’s not to love? Sonya Naude


Lindall AtkinsNwabisa’s Little Things for The Swing Makeover (also DIY Advent Activity Calendar)

sa parenting blog awards winners

Blog excerpt: Growing up, primary colours and play sets went together like PB & J. These days we’ve learnt that kids play things don’t have to be an ugly eyesore in our garden. They can be bright, they can be monochrome, they can be anything we like. It is possible that a kids playset be both fun and beautiful. Here’s how I gave an old swing set a modern makeover that my kids…and I, love.

Love the way these ambitious projects come together! And the DIY calendar is genius! Her creativity knows no bounds. Can’t wait to see more. Sonya Naude

Best blog post: Travel and Photography

Highly commended:

Susann DeyselLiving Our Sunshine for We Stayed at the Castle in Clarens

Fun content with an endearing quality. The blogger goes from subject to subject with ease. Salamina Mosese Blog has loads of potential – you had me with the castle! Refreshing angles – keep it up! We want more. Sonya Naude

Runner up:

Sara EssopIn Africa & Beyond for A Delightful Family Safari at Mabula Game Lodge


Marie Louise CandiotesJust a Mamma for Pet Friendly Accomodation South Africa: Tegwaan Country Getaway

SA Parenting Blog Awards

Excellent content of an international quality. Great pictures. Sells the family trip and makes it admirable. Engaging content from start to finish. Salamina Mosese A clear winner! When’s the next adventure? Sonya Naude

Best use of social media: Photo and Text

Highly commended:

Katiso DumoOT Boy Mamma Kat for this post and this post.


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A post shared by Katiso Ndumo (@ot.boy.mamma_kat)

Loads of potential – keep up the great work! Sonya Naude

Runner up:

Shante HuttonRose & Thorns for this post.

Her posts turn to magic with the intimate captures of her family. Sonya Naude


Aisha O’ReillyAisha & Life for this post.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Aisha O’Reilly (@aishaandlife)

Aisha’s a pro – copy & pics complement each other perfectly to deliver a powerful message. Sonya Naude

Best use of social media: Video and Reels

Highly commended:

Caitie MooreThoresby Cottage for this post and this post.

We always love a good hack – the ribbon reel is genius! Sonya Naude

Runner up:

FirdowsMiss Mommy Blog for this post and this post.

She gets us! Such fun videos and reels. You go girl! Sonya Naude


Shante Hutton – Rose & Thorns for Eat, sleep, snack, repeat


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Audacious Content Creator (@shante_hutton)

Genius! So well thought out – and honestly, it was the dinos that clinched it for me. Sonya Naude

So…. you’ve scrolled this far.. are you curious? Who is the winner?

Best Parenting Blog 2022:

Highly commended:

Kate BothaWearing all my hats for Made to Need You and Life Update.

Kate is a phenomenal writer – her words cut deep to deliver a unique, insightful experience. Please don’t stop writing Kate. Sonya Naude

Highly commended:

Lindall AtkinsNwabisa’s Little Things for A Mommy and Me Valentine’s Day Playdate and DIY Tooth Fairy Starter Kit.

Such creative flair deserves applause! So well executed to inspire us, too. Sonya Naude

Runner up:

Tamlin WightmanWith Child & I for Your Birth Day and The Phone Call.

Crisp writing, beautiful turn of phrases, nice pace. What a pleasure to read Tamlin’s extraordinary journey to motherhood. What I loved is the intimacy she created with her choice of words – a touching blog overall. Sonya Naude

And now for that R10 000 winner!

Best Parenting Blog 2022 Winner

Mari-Louise CandiotesJust A Mama for Secondary Infertility Support – When there’s no rainbow at the end of the storm and Groovy Princess Poppy Trolls Birthday Party Plus Free Printables

Blog excerpt: This post is written from my heart. The heart of a mother that knows loss and disappointment as we’ve walked the path of trying to conceive for the past 4 years. We’ve gone through treatments, surgery, diets, supplements, every fertility kit, and ovulation test and now find ourselves on the other side. We may not be a baby richer but that doesn’t mean this journey hasn’t been fruitful. I am writing this post to offer secondary infertility support to other women that may be experiencing the same because it’s easy to talk about the storm while cradling your rainbow baby but not having that rainbow doesn’t make YOU or the road you have traveled any less worthy or important.

sa parenting blog awards winners

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