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In today’s dynamic landscape, securing your child’s education is more critical than ever. As per Statistics SA’s 2021 General Household Survey, nearly a quarter of South African households rely on a single income, with over 40% led by women. Recognising this growing trend, Futurewise, a leading financial services provider, has introduced an innovative education insurance solution tailored to meet the needs of single-income households.

“Many of our policyholders share the common concern of securing their child’s educational future,” remarks Kreethan Budhu, Chief Marketing and Distribution Officer at Futurewise. Since its establishment in November 2022, Futurewise has witnessed a surge in policy uptake among single mothers and households reliant on a sole income.

The escalating education inflation, surpassing the Consumer Price Index by up to 3%, poses a significant challenge for parents. Consider this: for a child embarking on Grade One this year, the estimated cost for public or private education throughout their academic journey ranges from R651,000 to R1.9 million. Realistically, this financial burden exceeds the capacity of most parents, irrespective of their income levels, to save for their child’s educational expenses.

While traditional life insurance or funeral policies provide essential coverage in times of crisis, they often fall short in adequately addressing tuition and educational needs. Enter Futurewise’s education-focused insurance solution – an answer to this pressing concern. This comprehensive offering provides not only peace of mind but also practical support.

At the core of Futurewise’s education insurance is comprehensive coverage coupled with an optional education savings plan. Moreover, policyholders gain exclusive access to the Learning Hub, an invaluable resource offering tutor support, substantial discounts, and self-development courses right from day one.


“Our solution is not just a safety net for unexpected circumstances; it’s a lifelong commitment,” emphasizes Kreethan. Futurewise aims to become an integral part of parents’ and guardians’ lives, not only during their presence but also as a reliable trustee ensuring the continuity of their children’s educational journeys.

By envisioning themselves as both tutors during parents’ presence and trustees safeguarding educational paths in their absence, Futurewise epitomises a holistic approach to education insurance.

Take the first step towards securing your child’s educational future today. Visit to explore how Futurewise can be your partner in ensuring a brighter tomorrow for your child.

Invest in your child’s education today with Futurewise Education Insurance – a promise for a secure and prosperous future.

Futurewise Education is an authorised Financial Services Provider – FSP 52148.

Futurewise products are underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited, an authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP No 76) and a licensed insurer in terms of the Insurance Act.

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