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Taking on the DryNites challenge

by Terence Mentor, AfroDaddy
Baby Yum Yum - taking the dry nites challenge
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It was probably raining outside because I was wearing a long, brown trench coat and a wide brimmed hat. There were other detectives milling around a mumbling to each other about their cases. Every desk in the office was covered in piles of brown files – each a criminal case, I guess.

My partner and I walked into the passage way and stopped at the urinal. A little part of me thought that is was strange to have a urinal right here in the open, but right then I was overcome with an urge to use it.

And so I did!

Then I woke up to find that I had wet the bed. I had been so deep into my 1920’s detective dream that instead of waking up when I needed to use the bathroom, my brain had just inserted a urinal for me to use in the dream.

Sure, wetting the bed is embarrassing … and when I reveal to you that I was 26 years old when this happened and my wife was sleeping in the bed with me, it goes from mildly embarrassing to downright humiliating!

I completely empathise with my two toddlers who, while they are pretty much potty trained during the day, still wet the bed at night … every night. Bedwetting can be embarrassing, even for a toddler, but it can also cause disruptions to sleep, which leads to a whole range of other problems.

“Bedwetting can be embarrassing, even for a toddler, but it can also cause disruptions to sleep, which leads to a whole range of other problems.”

It means tried and cranky toddlers – which are the worst kind of toddlers – as well as interrupted sleep for us and a constant stream of bed sheets that need washing and drying. I’m not sure about you, but we don’t keep enough bed sheet sets to change them every day. We’re not running some weird, wee-smelling hotel here.

Oh yes – there’s also the smell of urine that accompanies wet beds!

Diaper companies have been promising that their products are able to avoid all this but, so far, we’ve found that our boys’ bladders have outperformed pretty much all of them. But we are willing to keep trying, so right now we are giving DryNites Pyjama Pants a go.

It’ll be interesting to see who wins … the DryNites or my two heavy wetters?

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