The development of social and emotional life skills for children

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Indeed, raising children does not come with a manual, but the parenting objectives are the same. Every parent wants to raise children that are empathetic, kind and can socialise well. Children learn this through observing the world around them. 

Social Behavioral Learning is at the centre of childhood development. Children learn from observation more than they do instruction. In the first five years of their lives, they are like sponges soaking up all the lessons they can get their hands on. The first five years are crucial because children’s brains are forming neural connections that form the foundation of their development. 

Social-emotional skills such as friendship, teamwork and sharing are learned through observing those around them. The best way for a child to learn the importance of sharing is to watch someone involved in the act. So the way caregivers interact with each other and with the child teaches them what they need to learn about existing with others. The same goes for life lessons such as resilience, empathy and self-help.  

These skills are also learned through the content our children consume. 

Children are drawn to cartoons when navigating the big world and learning developmentally relevant themes. They are short, colourful and use simple language. As a parent, have you found yourself singing along to nursery rhymes enjoyed by your little ones? That is how much mass appeal cartoons have. 

The storytelling style of animated content appeals to children in a significant way. The characters form a crucial part of the child’s development journey. 

The pre-school classic Thomas and Friends has always been committed to adding value to the lives of families since the first episode aired in 1984. Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go launched on Boomerang on 4 April. 

Some of the most important lessons they teach children are friendship, taking turns, teamwork, self-help, problem-solving and empathy. Thomas and his best friends Percy, Nia, Kana and Diesel are navigating a world of adventure, just as our children are. In one episode, Thomas and Diesel are competing to lift a high wood tower instead of working together. It does not end well for both of them. 

Together with the show’s characters, children learn how to persevere through life’s downs and soar through life’s ups. 

It is hard to filter what our children consume online, but television content is dedicated to teaching and entertaining young children. 

Like adults, children are social beings, constantly learning through interactions with their peers and caregivers. Their interaction with content also plays a pivotal role. 

We all want to give our children a good moral head start, and curating the right content for them is key. 

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