Things we love: April 2024

by Nikki Temkin
BYY has rounded up what we are coveting this month from beauty luxuries to brilliant basics. Things we love
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BYY has rounded up what we are coveting this month from beauty luxuries to brilliant basics. By Nikki Temkin

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Japanese superhero!

The Japanese are famed for their super skin, and we have finally uncovered their secret (hah)! Hada Labo Tokyo is Japan’s #1 selling skin care line, now available in SA. Products are suitable for all skin types and have Super Hyaluronic Acid, a proprietary ingredient unique only to Hada Labo Tokyo.

The Super Hydrator Lotion is brilliantly absorbed without leaving your face greasy but rather silky soft and glowing. The Concentrated Water Serum is excellent for daily use. It’s quite addictive! It left my skin radiant and toned.

I am also a huge fan of the Moisturising Sheet Mask, perfect for hydration for dry skin. Whether your skin is starting to wrinkle and sag, you’re a new mom struggling with fatigue, or your skin simply needs a pick-me-up, this affordable range of imported skincare has a product that will make you look and feel fresh and glowing.

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Welcome baby!

If you’re in need of a beautiful baby shower gift, then look no further! The Huggies Bundle of Joy gift box is filled with everything a baby needs for happy, healthy skin. It contains a pack of Huggies Pure wipes, two packs of 25 Huggies Extra Care nappies size 0, a pack of 42 Huggies Extra Care nappies size 1 – plus some super helpful information about those all-important first few weeks of life. 

Parents can then use the box to keep their precious baby memories in, like photos and their first pair of shoes. New moms and dads  will be delighted with this thoughtful present.

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Cool curls

Curly-haired girls know how difficult it is to keep their locks moisturised but with Jozi Curl products, every day is a good hair day! 

Created by a passionate team of South African women who want only the best for the curl community and our beautiful planet, this range ticks all the boxes! The products are infused with African Plant Extracts and these active ingredients are sustainably sourced from indigenous farms. It’s also free from all the nasties and has a product for every curl type. Try and we promise, you won’t look back!

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Baby boutique

Get everything you need for your baby from Harper Lily Baby, a local online store offering everything you could possibly want for your little one from accessories, essentials, clothing, organic skincare, gifting, toys and more. 

We are totally in love with the adorable (and comfortable) Summer Jelly Sandals in gorgeous pastels and the organic cotton range of clothing.

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Scrub-a dub-dub

We’ve  been waiting a long time to get our paws on Tree Hut products! And now that we have, and they are  a star staple in our house. The family-owned American brand transforms your hygiene routine into a self-care ritual. 

The Foaming Gel Washes give a luscious lather for a fun, bubbly shower experience- our favourites are Tropic Glow (it sparkles!) and Pineapple. Made with a hydrating oil complex to help keep the skin’s microbiome feeling soft and refreshed. The Dragon Fruit and Dewy Daisy body scrubs smell outrageously good (actually, they all do). Now, if only I can wrest my scrubs back from my teenage daughters…

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Build a nest

nurtureOne nesting cushions are researched, designed and developed by mommy medical practitioners. Who better to understand your baby’s needs? These specially designed nesting cushions provide the same sense of calm and security that babies felt in the womb, helping with sustaining good sleeping patterns.

The cushion can be used by all new-borns until they outgrow it (about 7 months). It simulates the womb environment by providing boundaries, allows for movement and self-soothing and  helps regulate temperature among many other benefits. It provide a tranquil, secure resting environment for their new-borns, promoting a seamless integration of baby into our world.

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Book Bites

This is what the BYY team recommends you read this month…

Make work work for you (nonfiction adult) Judy Klipin

Make work work for you

by Judy Klipin

Author and burnout coach, Judy Klipin, is well-known in the coaching realm for her work and her previous book on burnout—a common condition/situation in which we find ourselves exhausted mentally and emotionally. 

Now, Klipin turns her expertise to the world of work and how we can find satisfaction, enjoyment, and purpose in our work plus communicate better,  avoid burnout, boredom and find balance.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we think about work – we’ve had the great resignation, the quiet quitters and those determined to always work from home. But how can you avoid feeling overwhelmed by work? This includes managing inevitable stress, deadlines, office politics, conflict etc.

I have used the tools and practical solutions from the book in my own coaching practice and have seen clients (both employees and employers) benefit greatly from it. Now you can also identify and improve what doesn’t work for you. Highly recommend.

***** Nikki Temkin

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The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Inheritance Games

by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This book had so many cool twists. The story is: Avery Grambs has a plan for a better future: survive high school, win a scholarship, and get out. But then billionaire Tobias Hawthorne (who she does not even know!) dies and leaves Avery virtually his entire fortune. The catch? To receive her inheritance, Avery must move into the same mansion as the four Hawthorne grandsons. Now, Avery will have to play a dangerous game just to survive.I found this book impossible to put down and can’t wait to read the others.

Isobel Agulnik (11)


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The Women by Kristin Hannah

The Women

by Kristin Hannah

This epic love story needs to be on your must-read list! It’s 1965 and twenty-year-old Francis, a nursing student, decides that women can be heroes too… Suddenly, she can imagine a different path for her life. When her brother ships out to serve in Vietnam, she impulsively joins the Army Nurses Corps. Overwhelmed and traumatised by the chaos and destruction of war, she discovers the power of true female friendship. I loved this compelling tale of sacrifice and survival.

**** Nikki Temkin

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The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

The Gruffalo

by Julia Donaldson

“A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood.
A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good.”

Talented Donaldson has written many beloved award-winning children’s books, but this is perhaps her best-known. Can you believe that it is already 25 years old. There’s just something about reading this out loud to your kids, or with them, the way it rhymes, the sense of humour, that make it an all-out forever favourite of ours. Walk further into the deep dark wood, and discover what happens when a quick-witted mouse comes face to face with a fox, an owl, a snake . . . and a hungry Gruffalo! A modern classic children’s book, it’s a non-negotiable in your bookshelf.

***** Nikki Temkin

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