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July is the month when we just want to snuggle up by a roaring fire (bearing in mind that we probably won’t be able to use heaters this winter), drinking hot chocolate (or maybe sipping some red wine/ whiskey- pick your poison) under a snuggly blanket. The BYY team has compiled our must-haves for the month where we need some extra TLC just to make it through! You know you can trust our recommendations, so we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

UVC Multipurpose Steriliser 

Oh, let me tell you about the Mini Multipurpose Steriliser Box! It’s been an absolute game-changer for me as a mom. I absolutely love it! It saves so much time and effort in ensuring my little one’s bottles and dummies etc are clean and germ-free. It uses LED light technology which is clean, effective and safe for your family and the environment. 

I love the small steriliser as it’s totally portable- I can simply pop it into my baby bag and take it wherever we go. So, when my baby drops his dummy onto the floor – which he inevitably always does, I can sterilise it then and there!

Another fantastic feature is the power source – both micro-USB port and batteries can be used to operate this nifty gadget. And don’t get me started on how quick it is; just one minute of sterilisation kills all germs, bacteria and viruses without leaving behind any strange smells or tastes – such a relief! Oh, did I mention that they offer this marvelous device in pink and white? It adds a touch of cuteness to our home while providing top-notch sanitisation capabilities.

The larger size boxes and bags are perfect for sterilising plates, cutlery etc. This an absolute must-have for the home. Click here for more amazing products. UVCTechnologySA S6 - BabyYumYumUVC Technology SA









Cooking taking up too much time?

We’re huge fans of recipes by Sarah Graham, not just because they use the healthiest of ingredients but also because they are quick and easy—and your children will love them. Sarah wrote Good + Simple by Sarah Graham during the Pandemic which forced her (and everyone) to become more flexible in her approach to cooking and eating. This led to her reworking some family favourites to take up minimal time and energy.

From juices like Green Goodness Breakfast Crumble Bars to Nutella French Toasties and Cauli Nuggets to Thai Red Curry Bowls, Broccoli and Cheddar Soup to Butternut and Sage Macaroni and Peppermint Crisp Pudding Pots, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and best of all, won’t take hours to make.

Check out the website for some of Sarah’s delicious recipes.

Buy the book here.

Recipe - Baby Yum Yum


Cuddling up for comfort

If there’s something all kids have in common, it’s their furry companions. We’re not talking about pets… we mean Jellycats – you will not find softer snuggles anywhere. It’s bound to become your little one’s best friend (actually even teenagers love them actually). Prices from R560.

Buy them here:

Timeless Toys
Little Treasures
Cloud & Co

Baby Yum Yum Things We Love June 2023 - BabyYumYum

Look stylish during your pregnancy – and after

Looking for the cutest kid’s outfits or gorgeous maternity wear?  There’s no reason to look frumpy just because you have a bun in the oven. Baby balms, swings, blankets and rompers… it’s all here and more. The Local Edit is the very latest in hot local labels and offers everything from kid’s stuff, furniture and accessories to cosmetics, jewellery and artworks. We have our eye on one of the warm, chic beanies to keep ears warm during the chill.

Ps. A gift voucher is a great gift for a friend or baby shower.

The Local Edit 

Baby Yum Yum - Maternity Clothes

Heat it up in the bedroom

We always love to test products out before we suggest them. Everyone (it’s unisex) who tried this Taste of Cannabis Play intimate Oil reported that it 100% spiced things up in the bedroom, leading to more pleasure and more intense sensations. The CBD-infused lubricant helps you enjoy what’s going down while getting down. 

A topical oil that stimulates your body, it intensifies circulation to your sexual organs. The special CBD ingredients make all the difference… try it for yourself!

We are giving away a Winter Warmer CBD Intimacy Hamper! Enter here.

Order your Play Oil here for only R350!

Winter Warmer CBD Intimacy Hamper Baby Yum Yum - BabyYumYum

Mermaids forever

It’s the love story we can never get enough of… reinvented for a new generation of kids, if there’s one film you need to see this month, it’s The Little Mermaid. Starring the superb singer/actress Halle Bailey, it’s a breathtaking, live action reimagining of the classic. Who doesn’t adore mermaids? Book here.

little mermaid soundtrack baby yum yum - BabyYumYum


Soft winter skin

There’s no reason to feel like a dragon just because it’s cold out there. Tree Hut is known for their award-winning, best-selling Shea Sugar Scrubs. Made from shea butter and sugar, these body scrubs transform skin with the aid of natural ingredients. They’re free from synthetic ingredients like parabens and sulphates and contain a special blend of six oils to nourish, hydrate and soften skin. 

We’re fans of the Moroccan Rose and Coconut Lime- they smell out of this world! South Africans are finally able to get their hands on these sought-after products as they’re now available locally for R395.

Buy yours now from and visit for more information. 700340 Sugar - BabyYumYum


Tea4Kidz Rooibos flavours are perfectly suited for cold beverages like iced teas, smoothies, and slushies. Remember that kids don’t seem to feel the cold as much as we do! The best part? It’s a healthy and nutritious beverage for your children.

Top tip: Brew a cup of the flavour you want and allow it to cool. Pour into an ice tray and freeze into ice cubes (you can also add fresh fruit to the ice cubes!) These can be added to iced teas, smoothies and slushies without diluting the flavour!

Try this recipe below and we guarantee your kids will be begging you to make more.

1 cup of berries of your choice
2 ripe bananas, cut into chunks
1/2 cup plain yoghurt
 ½ cup Tea4Kidz Strawberry flavoured Rooibos ice cubes

Place all ingredients into a blender.
Pulse until smooth.
Enjoy immediately!

Buy your delish tea online here.

baby yum yum tea4kidz tea - BabyYumYum


Bookish delights

These are our books of the month for toddlers. Take your pick from below:

The little fear by Luke Scriven  Fabulous—it’s about conquering your fears, teaching kids that fear is a normal emotion but you can’t let it control you. Bringing fear back down to a manageable size is healthy and that conquering fears is an important part of life. Takealot R185

Mazy the movie star by Isla Fisher This book is a great way to show children that sometimes making a change within yourself is necessary to move forward. It touches on arrogance as well, making it a ‘must-read’ for children to learn that stubbornness and arrogance don’t get you anywhere. Takealot R149

Captain Looroll by Matt Carr A very cute addition to your bookshelf, the superhero element makes this book attractive to kids. Plus, it’s about the importance of cleaning up after a mess. Takealot R169

  Captain Looroll by Matt Carr Baby Yum Yum - BabyYumYum


Daar’s ‘n Towerponie in my bed by Martelize Faber The story of a child missing her mother, who went to the hospital, the child is given a unicorn toy to comfort her while her mother is away. Adventure-packed yet manages to convey that imagination is an amazing attribute. Takealot R205

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