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Girls, this month is all about us, us, us…and these are what you need to have this month to celebrate yourself during Women’s Month.

Tame the curl!

If you have curly, coily, wavy or frizzy hair then there is ONLY one product we recommend for your crowning glory – Intrinsicurly Me.  A local company, who knows that not all curls were created the same, have developed the solution to having perfect hair every day.

There’s no longer any excuse to go around with your hair looking like cotton candy with these shampoos, curl creams, silicone diffusers, curl protectors, conditioners, hair gels and so much more. Plus, they have excellent service. You can even send them a pic and they will recommend the right product, or you can take the quiz on their website. Go ahead and try it… once you do, you’ll never look back—and everyone else will be wondering why your mane looks so fabulous!

Shop their products online here. Priced from R136.

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Smooth skin

Forteve is specifically for atopic dermatitis and dry skin conditions like keratotis pillaris, which is a dry and scaly skin condition. It repairs the lipid barrier of the skin to keep it feeling moisturized and hydrated. and I used The Soothing Lotion on my daughter who has this on her arms, and it helped so much and her skin is so much smoother now. I highly recommend it!

Shop from R169 at and Clicks stores.

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In honour of Barbie month, we are coveting this cute kettle braai in pink. And the, get some marshmallows for roasting.

Get yours from Takealot for R500.

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Bramley Cosmetics

We love these products so much! The Cocoa Heaven Body butter & Cocoa Heaven Tissue oil is super moisturising and makes skin feel  oft, rejuvenated and nourished. They also smell amazing and don’t leave an oily residue on the skin. If you’re pregnant, this is the one to use.

The Magnolia Body Lotion and Magnolia Tissue Oil Sensitive Skin Serum has an awesome texture, scent, and the feel as it absorbs into the skin without feeling greasy and oily. The tissue oi is effective for dark marks and stretch marks and won’t damage clothing.

Buy these online from R24.99 at and Clicks stores.

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Be Kissable!

Catrice Good Intentions Scandalous Matte is my new favourite lipstick! Best of all, it’s light on the pocket and widely available. We also love the Pure False Lash Mascara, Cheek Flirt Face Stick (so many colours to choose from!) and the Sun Glow and Cheek Palette is a must for your makeup bag. The Glow Super Vitamin Serum made my skin look as if I had been on holiday for a month. Best polish colours too! Buy at Clicks from R88. - BabyYumYum

Find your Essence

If you’ve struggled to find a brand of mascara that does not clump and makes your eyelashes look long and lustrous, look no further! And you do not have to spend a pretty penny either-Essence is undoubtedly the best brand out there (with the cutest packaging) and it doesn’t matter which one you choose. In fact, all the makeup from the lip gloss to the eyebrow gel, you’re guaranteed to look gorgeous. The skin serums are lovely and make sure to try the Caring Shine Vegan Collagen Lipstick. Buy products from R24.95 from Clicks

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Spa day

We tried out the 60-minute aromatherapy treatment. The staff at Kia Ora Aesthetics s friendly and welcoming and the  treatment was so relaxing…. The therapist focused exactly on areas that needed the most attention, making sure that I  was comfortable the right pressure. BYY highly recommends this nurturing salon for any treatment- and they do hair removal, peels and more…Book yourself a treat now

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Vitality Forever

One of our favourite brands ever has just released an amazing product specifically geared towards women going through menopause or peri-menopause. Kiko Vitals Menopause Balance is a brilliant synergistic combination of herbs that combine traditional wisdom with modern science.

These well-researched ingredients are the potent adaptogen Ashwaganda, Dong Quai, Red Clover (contains isoflavones that balances hormone levels) , Black Cohosh (mimics Estrogen), Vitex Chasteberry (regulates the pituitary gland), energy boosting Maca, Red Raspberry Leaf (supports overall health).

This time in a women’s life does not have to be laden with discomfort! We tried out the capsules and found a reduction in mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats— plus our appetite decreased as a bonus— so we can definitely confirm that this product really does work wonders! Bravo Kiko! Buy it here for R490 for a month’s supply.

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