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Things we love: November 2023

by BabyYumYum
BabyYumYum Things we love November 2023
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BYY brings you the latest most desirable musts of the month for parents and kids.

Don’t be rash!

We are mighty impressed with Embeba products!Nappy rash is a terrible thing. The Diaper Balm works wonders and the moms who tried it on their babies told us that they wouldn’t use anything else from now on.

We all have quite sensitive skin in our family– my daughter recently had a horrible, unsightly, dry rash all around her nose, so we tried the EmBeba Soothing Balm for dry, irritated skin —it cleared it up in no time! Very impressed with these gentle products which are also free from all nasties and hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about a bad reaction or toxins.

We’re also going to purchase more of the Soothing Patches to keep in the medicine cabinet for relief and protection against skin irritations and bug bites (it’s the season for mozzies). Embeba products are 100% well worth every penny!

Shop here


Magical makeup

How can words even describe the amazing- ness of the latest cosmetic ranges from Catrice & essence? Not to mention the chic and colourful packaging of their makeup-it just makes you happy to look at it!

Essence has hit the makeup mark—I’m a convert for life.  I’m obsessed with their Hydrogel Eye Patches which depuff tired eyes very effectively. The essence Skin Renewal Overnight Mask was stolen by my teenager who could not rave enough about it. I also gave her the Hydra Kiss Lip Oil and the Lash Without Limits to try out with her online makeup tutorials– she’s asked me to please get her more as soon as they are finished—that’s a big YES I LOVE IT from the teenage critic.

I’m using the Bright Eyes Undereye Stick daily which has become a firm favourite and the Multichrome Eye Flakes for those rare but necessary glam nights out. I’m addicted to the Welcome to Cape Town Eyeshadow Palette—and must hide it from little hands. It’s mine, all mine! What mind-blowing colours! I need to choose between that and the Colour Blast from Catrice and it’s a tough choice…

The Catrice Vitamin C Fresh Glow Primer is perfect for under makeup. I have some slightly larger pores- but no longer with the Catrice Pore Instant Matte Stick. Curl it Mascara helps my rather small eyes stand out in the most divine way and I have been receiving lots of compliments since using it.

The Catrice Brow Fix Soap Stick and Magic Perfectors Cosmetic Tape make sure that clumsy me applies perfectly. Max It Up Lip Booster Extreme makes my lips high gloss- and it lasts long for busy working moms who don’t have time to reapply. I could go on telling you about all these wonderful products, but why not go and try them for yourself. You’ll thank us!

Visit here for more info

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Immune boosting gut health

Zinplex, everyone’s favourite supplement for your immune system has the perfect supplement for your baby or toddler. Zinplex Probiotic Drops offer the exact right balance of good bacteria for their gut. This will help colic, constipation, and other tummy issues assist in the treatment and prevention of diarrhoea and. Plus, support the immune system.

We don’t have to tell you the importance of taking supplements when pregnant. Pregnaplex, has been specifically formulated to provide support during your special journey. The carefully selected ingredients have been created to provide you with essential nutrients needed before, during and after pregnancy–designed to support you every step of the way.

The signature blend is enriched zinc, known for nurturing radiant skin and bolstering immunity, and folic acid, which is an essential nutrient for a healthy pregnancy. Together, they ensure both you and your baby thrive in harmony.

Please consult your health practitioner before taking any supplements.

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Zinplex Junior Probiotic Drops with Zinc







Breathe easy

It’s hay fever season and if you’re like me and my family then you might have the sniffles, itchy eyes and the sneezing, well then, I have the remedy for you. I’m a big fan of Solenco products (I already use the amazing dehumidifiers) I’m super chuffed with the Air Purifier Purification Pal that is now a permanent fixture in my daughter’s room.

It features innovative air purifying technology which improves air quality and sleep. Even the cleanest home can have polluted air – cleaning chemicals, carpets and upholstered fabrics, pets and nearby traffic all impact indoor air quality. In fact, indoor air can be five times as polluted as outdoor air! Breathing cleaner air is obviously more beneficial: improved sleep quality,  increased life expectancy, better overall health and your child’s risk of sicknesses and viruses is greatly reduced.

We keep the air purifier on all day and night knowing that it’s working hard to clean the air of toxins. It kills bacteria and viruses and traps up to 99.975% of particles, allergens, pollen, dust, smoke, mould spores and pet dander. It also reduces VOCs (volatile organic compounds, toxic fumes and odours, ensuring that your little one can develop a healthy respiratory system.

With a night light and cute, customisable stickers, this purifier ensures the highest quality air. Plus the white noise is very soothing and peaceful. The only problem now is that I want to stay in my kid’s room all night…

Get yours here

Solenco Air Purifier Purification Pal

Discover JoyJoy

Get your kids the perfect shoes and unleash their creativity with JoyJoy! Imagine a shoe designed with a removable velcro strap that allows kids to swap out their choices of shoe design as many (many) times as they like.

Kids love the freedom of experimenting with their fashion sense (and their self-confidence!). 1 pair of sneakers. 100’s of ways to wear it. Look out for their up-and-coming pop ups where your kids can decorate their own sneakers.

Check it out here

JoyJoy sneakers

Goodness on the go

If you’re constantly on the go, or too tired to make yourself a proper meal or snack (particularly developed for pregnant and breastfeeding moms) but need a convenient ways to ensure that you get all the necessary vitamins and nutrients including choline, folate, Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin B12), try the new Futurelife Mother’s Food and and tasty new snack bars. The bars (Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate are our favourite) effortlessly provide you with all the essential goodness your body need and craves – easy peesy! Plus, the shakes, in vanilla and chocolate flavours, are truly delish! We like a lot.

It’s smashing!

If you or your kids have pent up anger (and who doesn’t?) then why not let it all out…go and smash things up at The Rage Room–we promise you’ll feel much better afterwards! You’ll get smashing instruments, head, eye, and face protection, protective coveralls, and gloves.

It’s a cool activity to do with your kids and it demonstrates to them that it’s OK to express your deepest feelings in a safe space—as long as it’s not smashing up their bedroom! They also do parties and even couple’s therapy.

Book now

The Rage Room

Berry delicious 

Now that the heat of summer is finally here, we’re loving Tea4Kidz for our children to stay focused and hydrated throughout their school day- and you can relax knowing that it’s a healthy and delicious drink with all the benefits of Rooibos.  It’s sugar-free and caffeine- free and it can be chilled overnight in the fridge. Why not make it the night before and add berries the next morning to give it an extra fruity flavour? Your kids will thank you. 


Super supplements

Now Foods’ supplements are blowing us away with their awesome range of feel-good formulas. Do you struggle to fall asleep? Or does your child toss and turn? A little Melatonin might help. Liquid Melatonin can be measured carefully – please do ask your doctor or research the right dosage before you take it and start gently. It’s a great short-term solution for sleep issues and will help them (and you!) drop off peacefully into dreamland.

If anxiety is a thing (and let’s be honest, these days who isn’t a little anxious?), True Calm works wonders—we are so impressed with it that the teen is taking it during exam time and seems a lot more relaxed…it’s a winner—this cocktail all of all things good like B vitamins and Valerian) really works.

Nattokinase is an enzyme derived from Natto, a millennia-old fermented soy food celebrated for its health benefits. Recent clinical and non-clinical studies show that Nattokinase can promote cardiovascular well-being by aiding normal blood clotting activities. So, if heart health is a concern, look no futher.

Selenium is an essential minera andl crucial antioxidant nutrient that works particularly well with vitamin E.* Selenium is necessary for life and this is the most effective form of it. Take it ad hoc if you’re not sure you’re getting enough Brazil nuts in your diet- especially if you have thyroid issues.

Beat those dreaded allergies into submission with Quercetin and Bromelain–a brilliant natural antihistamine that works wonders. This is a top-quality product and it’s a staple during the season of wind, rain and dust.  Specifically useful to prevent and treat respiratory problems and strengthen resilience, I use it all the time. Get your Now Foods supplements …NOW!

Please consult your health practitioner before taking any supplements.

BabyYumYum Now Foods’

Sweet dreams

My Little Morphée will soothe your baby or child wherever you are. Made to look like an old-school radio, it fits perfectly into your handbag or baby bag and might very well become your best friend !

A non-digital sleep and relaxation device designed for children ages 3 to 10, it’s loaded with 192 nature and white noise tracks, soothing meditations, guided journeys, and relaxing songs that help children fall into a restful sleep at night and regain calm during the day.

Each of these sessions was developed by a team of dedicated child sleep and wellness experts. It worked like a charm and soon our little ones were asking for it at bedtime. Best of all, no screens! Sweet dreams…

Buy it here

My Little Morphée

Book bites

5 Ingredients: Mediterranean by Jamie Oliver

Jamie is one of my favourite chefs simply because he realises that a) parent’s done always have a lot of time to cook and prepare food. B) We need it to be simple. This is the perfect cookbook for those two things. He breaks it all down and makes it easy, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. We all suffer from that “what shall I cook for supper syndrome” and this book has been a gift from heaven!

Chapters include Salads, Soups and Sarnies, Pasta, Veg, Pies and Parcels, Seafood, Fish, Chicken and Duck, Meat and Sweet Things, you’ll find something for every day of the week, and every occasion. Based on his travels around The Med, the recipes may be simple, but they also have a special je ne sais quoi that will hopefully also satisfy those hungry mouths at your dinner table.
Nikki Temkin

Mediterranean by Jamie Oliver

Click here for the Roasted cauliflower recipe

Buy the book here

The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese

As a huge lover of Verghese’s last book Cutting for Stone, I could not wait to read this and it did not disappoint. Evocative and beautiful, again his surgeon’s understanding pays dividends. He weaves a compelling tale between 1900 and 1977, set in India, and offers up a deeply moving story of faraway lands, complex characters and overcoming hardships. I loved this poetic and ingenious book. A master of his craft at the peak of his powers.

Nikki Temkin

The Covenant of Water

Buy it here

Begin Again by Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is my favourite children’s author- his books are so innovative and inventive. This story is more abstract but just as beautiful. It’s about our impact on the planet as human beings. It gave me the opportunity to talk to my kids about environmental stuff in a way that they understand with the book acting as a companion to this. Begin Again by Oliver Jeffers

Mokgadi Mabena

Buy here

Home Truths : The Facts and Fictions of Family Life by Lucy Blake

The festive season is coming and maybe you have to deal with relatives you’d rather not see. Dr Lucy Blake has conducted hundreds of interviews with people to explore the unrealistic expectation we might have that are obstacles to harmonious relationships. This book might help us to better appreciate our loved ones and accept each other more. Insightful and helpful.

Home Truths The facts and fictions of family life by Lucy Blake

★★★★ Chris Becker

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