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Top tips for gut health - baby yum yum
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Giving your baby probiotics from birth sets up a foundation for lifetime future health.

Did you know that at least 70% of your immune system located in your gut? That’s right! It’s a staggering idea to realise the massive role that your digestive system plays in your general health and wellbeing. Poor digestive health is linked to weaker immune system functioning resulting in an increase in risk for infections, mental health issues, colic, chronic inflammation, and auto immune diseases.

What are probiotics?

When most people think of probiotics, they associate them with what you’re given to take by your doctor along with anti-biotics to protect your tummy. Probiotics are live “friendly” bacteria and yeasts present in the human digestive system and in some foods and supplements. They may benefit gastrointestinal heath, the immune system, and more. Probiotics are useful bacteria that help to balance the gut microbiome or intestinal flora.

As the link between the gut microbiome and overall health grows, so interest in probiotics is increasing. Having the wrong balance of microbes is called dysbiosis, which has been linked to a wide variety of medical conditions, from irritable bowel syndrome to type 2 diabetes and allergy-related conditions such as allergies, eczema and asthma.

The power of probiotics

The first 1000 days after your baby is born is crucial for the development of their gut microbiota and therefore their immune system. And, since so many babies are now born via Cesarian Sections, they are not benefitting from receiving the vaginal bacteria from their mothers that they would coming down the birth canal during a vaginal birth.

That means that these babies are born needing extra attention to their gut health and it needs to be nurtured from Day 1. Probiotics work best when taken consistently each day for optimal digestive health and will mean excellent nutrient absorption for your tiny tot as well as improving and normalising the gut bacteria. You have the power to influence your baby’s future heath with just this one decision! Entiro Infographic Advertorial drops lockup - BabyYumYum

The facts:

  • Optimise gut function.
  • Reduce the symptoms of some digestive disorders e.g., diarrhoea, gas, bloating, infections etc.
  • Maintain and Improve gut integrity.
  • Improve mood and reduce stress.
  • Boost the immune system.
  • Help keep the heart healthy.
  • Support skin health.

And much more!

Follow these tips for optimal gut health:

  • Breastfeed if possible.
  • Avoid processed and refined foods.
  • Ensure that your diet is healthy and is filled with wholefoods, fibre, plants, fruit, and fresh meals.
  • Eat fermented foods like yoghurt and kimchi are good for your gut and your baby will reap the benefits through your breastmilk.
  • Eat food sources of probiotics like soft cheese, buttermilk, soy-based products.
  • Avoid gluten if it does not agree with you. The gluten molecule can cause a leaky gut.
  • Wash fruit and vegetables well as pesticides can destroy good gut bacteria.
  • Give your baby a liquid probiotic daily that contains Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus to improve the good bacteria and restore balance to their digestive systems. This will give them the best start for good gut health.

Using with breastfeeding

  • When adding baby probiotics to breast milk, make sure you don’t heat the bottle over 37°C to avoid destroying the good bacteria.
  • Your baby needs to drink this mixwithin six hoursfor the probiotics to work.
  • Alternatively, you may choose to put probiotic drops on your breast before nursing your child.

Using with formula

  • You can add baby probiotics to their formula. Again, don’t heat the formula over 37°C before adding the supplement.
  • Probiotics in formula may keep longer than six hours.
  • Many formulas already contain added probiotics.

This is general guidance – formula milks may vary, so always read the instructions.

baby gut health - baby yum yum
baby gut health - baby yum yum
baby gut health - baby yum yum
gut health - baby yum yum
baby gut health - baby yum yum
baby gut health - baby yum yum
gut health - baby yum yum

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