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What can microblading do for you?

by Mandi Strimling, Rave Review
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If you’re like me, then getting your eyebrows to look near perfect is just as big a task as getting that perfect flick on your winged eye liner; sometimes so very close yet so far away. I love trying out the newest and most innovative trends in the beauty world, so when microblading became the “IT” trend in 2018, I knew I had to try it out.

Not only for the vanity but for self-confidence. A nasty bout of shingles caused my eyebrows to thin considerably and I was desperate for some help and microblading turned out to be the magic I was looking for.  We take for granted just how important eyebrows are to framing your face; and after you have experienced the results of microblading, there is no going back. You will be hooked.

“Microblading didn’t only give me my eyebrows back, but it gave me my confidence back.”

What is microblading?

Microblading is an aesthetic procedure whereby a trained professional uses a small handheld tool to etch ink into the skin to create a natural and full-looking eyebrow. The tool is designed to create realistic individual hair strokes which looks exactly like your own eyebrow hair. Another thing to note is that Microblading is a semi-permanent treatment; it is not permanent.

Is microblading for you?

Microblading is a must for anyone who has very thin to non-existent brows and needs that fullness back, while still looking natural. This treatment is also an incredible option for new moms who’re experiencing hair shedding and hormonal issues. It has also made the world of difference in the lives of women, and men, who are going through or who are just about to start chemotherapy. It is completely safe and will give you those brow hairs back and help boost your confidence.

What to expect at your appointment and does it hurt?

First things first, microblading is an art, so be sure to choose someone with a proven portfolio and track record in the industry. The aesthetician must know how to follow your natural brow and enhance what’s already there. On the day, your aesthetician will apply a numbing cream all over the eyebrow areas and will leave it to numb for 20 minutes. During this time, she will map out and draw your new brows onto your skin.


First treatment

Once you are all numbed up, it’s showtime. The treatment itself doesn’t hurt at all. If you can imagine a scratching sound and feeling with each stroke, that’s all it is. The treatment takes about one to two hours and when you look in the mirror for the first time, it’s like looking at a new you.

What happens after microblading?


After first treatment

Your aesthetician will give you a pamphlet of the dos and don’ts for two weeks. The most important for the first week was to apply Bepanthan with a Q-tip three to four times a day. Also, no powdered makeup or eyebrow products. Three days after your microblading you will notice that your brows go insanely dark. Do not panic. This is completely normal as the colour is settling into the skin. After a week the colour begins lighten and your brows look like your own. After a week, your brows will start to scab and can get itchy – do not scratch. The scabs fall off without you even knowing, revealing your new and improved brows.

The refresher appointment 

While some ladies like to have the first appointment and leave it at that, others, like me, like to go in six weeks later for the refresher appointment. This is where your aesthetician will sit with you and fix anything that needs fixing, adjust the colour and add more strokes. This for me was really the best appointment in my microblading journey.


Final result after refresher

Microblading didn’t only give me my eyebrows back, but it gave me my confidence back. It also allowed my own hairs to grow faster and since my treatments, I’ve seen massive regrowth. I now go in every 14 months for a touch-up and the results are beautiful. Waking up in the morning and not having to worry about doing my brows before running out the door has been a lifesaver; and going out at night I love how it looks with some brow product on. I am so glad that I gave myself the gift of brows. No regrets. I hope that this helps you find your best brows too.

*If you’d like to know who Mandi’s microblading agent was, you can contact her on @ravereviewer on Instagram, @ravingaway on Twitter and @RaveReviewSA on Facebook


Mandi Strimling is a South African-based journalist, blogger, social media influencer, and media personality. She owns the website, Rave Review, which has fast become South Africa’s favourite online accessory. Mandi is also a content creator, has an addiction to makeup, sports and has a soft spot for a good cheesecake. 

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