What if all children could know how valuable they are?

by Dibber
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Dibber provides Early Childhood Development with the aim of making every child feel valuable and helping them become the best versions of themselves. We manage over 600 centres across 10 countries. That is over 40,000 children who learn new skills, build competencies, create fond memories and new friendships, and experience the Dibber way of learning every single day.

Heart Culture

We are driven by heart and can guarantee that you will experience this in every Dibber facility. Our heart culture unifies us in our belief that everyone is valuable and deserves to have the opportunity to recognize their intrinsic value and thrive.

Nordic Approach

Dibber follows the Nordic pedagogy which is world-renowned and rooted in early childhood research to support children’s well-being and holistic development. Our aim is not just to help raise academically well-versed children, but confident, inquisitive, independent, and humane adults.

Interactive Play-based Learning

We have identified that playful techniques can yield the best results when it comes to early years’ education and care, and that children need to interact with others to thrive, learn and develop. Through good interactive fun and interplay, children find solutions together, learn to listen, understand, and safely express their needs, opinions, and wishes.

Experienced Educators & Caregivers

We ensure that children are surrounded by adults who support in shaping their identity and positive self-image. They are nurtured by warm and caring adults who create a safe connection, support exploration, and invite good interaction.

World-class Facilities

Dibber’s schools are designed to encourage play, exploration, and discovery. Outdoor play areas, safe and spacious classrooms, stimulating high-quality play equipment are all part of the Dibber childhood experience.

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