Win a copy of: Bounce: How to raise resilient kids and teens by Naomi Holdt

by Ally Cohen
bounce, resilient kids, who exhibit resilience and strength in challenging circumstances
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Win one of two copies of the empowering book, Bounce: How to Raise Resilient Kids and Teens. Dive into the world of resilience-building with Naomi Holdt, a distinguished psychologist, as she shares invaluable insights in BYY's exclusive interview.

In this fascinating interview with BYY CEO, Amanda Rogaly, psychologist Naomi Holdt offers insight on handling divorce, guiding sensitive children, and instilling resilience in your child.

Naomi’s book Bounce: How to Raise Resilient Kids and Teens offers a practical, user-friendly approach to enhancing your parenting skills and strengthening your bond with your children. Drawing from extensive experience in both parenthood and professional expertise, this book delivers accessible insights, actionable advice, engaging exercises, and proven strategies.

 It covers a range of pertinent topics, including understanding resilience, addressing anxiety and depression, fostering resilience in children by cultivating our own resilience, setting boundaries and practising gentle parenting, supporting children through grief, navigating the challenges of parenting an anxious child, providing guidance for divorced parents, managing childhood depression, and nurturing highly sensitive children’s resilience.

With Bounce, you’ll be equipped to navigate the joys and complexities of life and parenting in a compassionate and relatable manner.

Now, you can win your very own copy! Simply enter your details below.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enrich your parenting journey and equip your child with essential life skills.

Hurry! The competition closes on 7th April 2024. 

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