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Comfort food recipes that are perfect for winter

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Warm up to these hearty dishes, which we’re sure will become favourites in your cooking repertoire. From pumpkin fritters to curry and stew as well as a delicious meatball soup, we have something for everything. Plus we even remembered dessert. 

Pumpkin fritters 

These fritters will take you back to your childhood days. Some people choose to serve them as a breakfast treat or dessert, or even as a vegetable to be served with dinner! What better way to get your little ones to eat their veggies than with these delicious pumpkin fritters?

Best pumpkin fritters

Lamb curry with minted yoghurt raita 

Curry makes great bowl food, and it’s easy to serve without formal seating. This particular curry mix is made up of an assortment of spices, which requires a little planning and resourcefulness, but the beautifully fragrant result is worth the effort.  

Best lamb curry

We promise there won’t be any leftover with this Oxtail recipe

What comes to mind with oxtail stew is deliciously rich, warming, comfort food. The sauce is so moreish that you can use the leftovers in an oxtail risotto  if you’re lucky enough to have any left over! Best oxtail

These classic cosy recipes (pumpkin fritter, lamb curry & oxtail) are taken from author Jan Kohler’s cookbook Pink Gin and Fairy Cakes.

A hearty meatball soup recipe

This super speedy soup recipe is hearty and full of flavour – forget making the meatballs yourself, slicing up store-bought sausages will give you the same result in half the time (and we won’t tell!).

meatball soup recipe

Individual minced lamb and veggie pie recipe

The smell alone of these pies cooking in the oven will have your mouth watering.

minced lamb and veggie pie

And finally, what would a comfort food selection be without dessert?

A yummy Nutella banana bread recipe 

This chocolate banana bread loaf is delicious on its own or with butter or syrup and toasted with Nutella.

Recipe: Nutella banana loaf on board with knife

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