Your child’s first smartwatch: Neo, the smart kids watch featuring Disney

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Time for your child’s first wearable – where do you start? Besides the device being eye-catching and fun to use, most important is that it’s designed with your kids in mind.

To that end, Neo, the smart kids watch featuring Disney is an ideal smartwatch aimed at kids aged between 6 and 9 years, that combines all the magical fun that Disney represents while offering parents a plethora of features to know what their kids are up to.

The new smartwatch for kids

Part of the Designed & Connected by Vodacom range, Neo is packed with features to keep kids entertained, allowing them to learn about the world around them, while giving them a sense of independence that comes with their first big gadget. Neo also has features that allow parents to keep up with their kids, which even includes being able to monitor their activities, giving parents peace of mind.

Available in a choice of two colours (Mint Green and Ocean Blue), right out of the box, kids can personalise their Neo with their favourite characters from ©Disney. ©Disney/Pixar. ©& ™ Lucasfilm Ltd. ©2021 MARVEL. They simply pick from the available sidekicks – Iron Man, Buzz Lightyear, The Child (that would be Baby Yoda), Minnie Mouse, Elsa and Darth Vader, Micky Mouse, Rapunzel, Black Panther and Woody – and set their smartwatch theme. They can switch at any time and their watch ‘buddy’ will spring to life with screen effects and movements when they use it; their ‘buddy’ also offers encouragement to keep kids active.

Vodacom Neo smartwatch for kids featuring disney

Neo is perfect for kids on the go; its battery is designed to last up to 24 hours and it’s waterproof (certified rated IP68, up to 1.5m deep water for up to 30 minutes). They can also easily stay in touch with their parents using the calls and chats functionality in conjunction with the Vodafone Smart app. Thanks to the adjustable ergonomic strap, the Neo can fit all wrists and the face can be set at angle meaning the user doesn’t even need to strain their head to check it out.

The smartwatch’s features are easy to use and include a camera for taking snaps of adventures, an activity tracker, which allows kids to track their steps and unlock achievements by staying active and a calendar in which they can track and plan future activities and dates. They can check in to see what the weather will be like, and the watch boasts a handy calculator to boot.

As fun and funky as Neo is for kids to use, it is also invaluable for parents. They simply download the Vodafone Smart App to their smartphone and thanks to its friendly and easy-to-use interface, they’re able to keep tabs on their tyke’s activities remotely.

Benefits for parents too

Parents can stay in touch with their children with chats, calls and emojis, and the app allows them to know where the device (and their child) is by viewing its location on a map. The parental controls also extend further; parents can curate which contacts their children have on the phone – up to nine trusted contacts are allowed – and Neo cannot be used to browse the internet. If parents feel their child has been staring at the Neo for too long, they can manage their screen time with the Neo’s Quiet Mode.

Parents can also use the Vodafone Smart App to keep up to date with their child’s activities. They can check in to see all the pictures Neo has been used to take, which also can only be shared with the contacts on the device that have been approved. They can see how active their child has been (all of the stats are available to view through the app), and they can use the calendar to set reminders and events for their kids (they’ll never be without a reminder for say, a study group, or swimming lesson).

Neo’s connectivity is enhanced by its built-in SIM that lets kids and parents stay in touch. The SIM connects to Vodacom’s/Vodafone’s trusted global network, which means you can connect with smartphones over very long distances. There’s no need to top up with airtime or data – the monthly subscription fee is all-inclusive.

Vodacom Neo smartwatch for kids featuring disney

For kids and parents alike, Neo is a great first step into wearable technology, made available on the Vodacom network. Children will adore its animated interface – complete with their favourite ‘buddy’ – and it’s packed with features that both allow them to track their own activity progress, while staying in touch with their parents and friends. For parents, Neo is an immensely reassuring device, since its young wearers safety has been built into its design.

Combining the magic of Disney with fun technology and peace of mind for parents, Neo, the smart kids watch featuring Disney is an awesome smartwatch for children between 6 and 9 years of age. Click HERE for more information.

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