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Yum things we love December 2022

by BabyYumYum
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 Can you believe that Christmas is (finally!) just around the corner? Because the team here at BabyYumYum is committed to making your life easier and filling it with inspiration, we’ve put together a list of AMAZING goodies that we know you’ll love. From the ultimate gift for grandparents to limited edition chocolate slabs and more, there’s bound to be something you’ll love!

Matching family swimwear

If you’ve been following BYY for a while then you’ll know we’re already big fans of mommy-and-me fashion, and he’s a brand that’s taken things a fabulous step forward: at Breazies you can get matching father-and-son swim shorts as well as mommy-and-me swimwear and his-and-hers swimwear. But that’s not all: you can even get matching swimwear for the whole family! From R595 for the boys shorts , from R795 for men’s shorts, from R895 for a woman’s one-piece and from R595 for a girl’s costume. Shop Breazies range of fun prints online by clicking HERE.

The Lily Rose Collection

Can a woman ever have too many handbags? Well, of course not – so don’t feel like you need to choose just one of the new Illusion bags from The Lily Rose Collection to put on your Christmas wish list. These cross-body bags are made from no-snag neoprene so they’re lightweight but also durable and with just the right amount of stretch to fit in that little something extra, because you can never have too much space in your bag! All the Illusion bags are machine washable so you don’t have to worry about all those inevitable spills and smears. And the best bit? You can easily swap out the existing strap with anything from their Sassy Straps collection, making your Illusion bag infinitely customisable – genius! From R670 for an Illusion bag. You can shop the entire Lily Rose Collection online by clicking here.

Personalised desk calendar from Loop Printing

Okay we’re starting this one with a disclaimer: we put Loop Printing and these cool calendars on our Things We Love list last year, but they really are so cool that they deserve another mention. Just choose 12 of your favourite photos and Loop Printing will turn them into a customised desk calendar that you can enjoy all year! Yes, the end or beginning of the year probably is the right time to get this done but you can choose to start the 12 months at any point so it’s still a great gift option for people who celebrate birthdays in the middle of the year – genius!

Our pick of the best? The personalised desk calendar for R470 and the mini desk calendar for R350 (or from R165 for a refill if you already have the stand). You do everything online and the company will send you a pre-print proof by request – it really is so easy. For more info visit Loop Printing

baby yum yum - things we love december 2022 loop printing

Build-A-Bear’s new arrivals: Sonic 2 & Knuckles

Not that you needed a new reason to love Build-A-Bear but here are two anyway: the new Sonic the Hedgehog 2 collection. Peter Rabbit, and Minions Kevin & Bob. We’ve been waiting for these characters to hit the shelves and wish them a warm welcome to the 2022 Build-A-Bear family. And, before you ask: yes, of course you can buy clothing and accessories for them, too. Happy shopping! Sonic: from R499,90 and Knuckles from R549,90.

The 2 in 1 flip open foam sofa & bed for toddlers

Is it a couch or is it a bed? Well, actually it’s both – and it’s amazing! Here’s a perfect example of convenience meeting comfort: a good-sized mini couch for toddlers that opens up into a bed for sleepovers with friends. Space-saving and problem solving – what’s not to love? From R750 from Leroy Merlin online.

Cadbury Festive Range limited edition 150g slabs

Okay, so we know the real Christmas countdown is to the 25th December. But there’s another countdown we eagerly anticipate every year and that’s the day the Cadbury Festive Range launches in stores. And, friends, if you haven’t already spotted the limited edition 150g slabs on shelf, head to your local supermarket… and do it now. What flavours are on the menu this year? Cadbury Festive Gingerbread (Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with gingerbread pieces), Cadbury Dream Cinnamon Crunch (with crunchy cinnamon pieces), Cadbury Butterscotch & Crushed Almonds (Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with butterscotch and almonds pieces) and a brand new variant – Cadbury Dream Coconut & Hazelnut Bliss. Try ALL the flavours and pick your favourite! Available in leading supermarkets.

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